Can’t Get Simpler Than This!

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  What could I do? Should I not hear? But I could not clog my ears with wax, as old fables tell.


  1. Some of the best games were his simple little games that came in a small plastic bags. Ogre was one of our group’s favorites. Simple and quick to play.

  2. Apropòs of nothing… I became peripherally involved in the lawsuit filed by SJG against the Secret Service under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act back in the late 1980’s. A corporate security investigator for my employer was informally deputized by the USSS in Austin to examine the computers at SJG’s office, because no one on the SS field office staff at the time had any expertise in computers. I covered several depositions of our investigator during the course of the lawsuit, which became infamous in the techie world. Simpler times.

  3. I just bought the current version of Jackson’s original Melee/Wizard. It was the first quasi-roleplaying game I ever played, predating (for me) Dungeons & Dragons by a few months.

  4. “They often have manuals running hundreds of pages.”
    The best description I ever encountered was that of Straight Dope author Cecil Adams regarding the Dungeons & Dragons rule book: “(it) combines the charm of a Pentagon briefing with the excitement of double-entry bookkeeping.”

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