Good Pregnant Gal With a Gun and CNN


News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

ATLANTA, GA—After a woman in Florida defended her home from intruders with an AR-15, CNN quickly criticized her for murdering a “poor, defenseless refugee who was probably just applying for asylum in her house.”

“While many people have heralded this woman as a hero, she is actually a bigot,” said CNN’s Brian Stelter. “A poor, defenseless refugee enters her home seeking asylum, and she responds by shooting him? Definitely a Trump voter.” Stelter pointed out that she used the AR-15 to carry out her murder, the chosen weapon of alt-right radicals who watch Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro videos on YouTube.

Stelter also criticized the family for having walls around their home instead of an “open border” policy where people desiring to immigrate to their home can just come and go as they please.

“This is Trump’s America,” Stelter concluded, wiping tears from his eyes.

CNN also criticized her for not aborting her child, pointing out that since she was still pregnant she is likely a pro-life bigot.

Go here to read the rest.  Go here to read my take on the real story.

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  1. The Bee forgot to mention the husband.
    He accidentally bumped his face and head against the poor innocent refugee’s handgun twenty three times. It’s possible the handgun was damaged.

    Cretin News Network

  2. It is called self-defense, an innate human right. Obliterating the distinction between criminal and victim, between invader marauder and invaded and marauded abolishes man’s definition of man and man’s Justice to which man is entitled, making a beast of burden to the state who redefines the human person against “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”. Declaration of Independence
    “We, the people” are all of our ancestors, this present generation and all future generations, our constitutional Posterity; George Washington’s constitutional Posterity. So, when we pray we pray for all persons, sovereign persons ever brought into existence.
    Sovereign persons who institute the sovereign state through their sovereign personhood may be corporate “persons” as designated by the state (the state has not given birth to any human being, man woman or child.) by the Act of 1871 and sovereign persons as created by “their Creator”. Declaration of Independence.
    Abortion is death to inclusivity, diversity and tolerance. Abortion is death to the sovereign person who institutes the state through his sovereign personhood. Abortion is death to our constitutional Posterity; George Washington’s constitutional Posterity. Abortion is death to America.

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