Reminds Him of Communism


How bad is it on some campuses?  This bad:

Andrei Serban is a world-renowned theater and opera director and was until recently a professor at Columbia University. After 27 years at the school, he resigned his position because he felt the political correctness at Columbia had reached a point of absurdity. Serban, who was born in Romania and fled communism for the United States, told a Romanian TV show that he felt he was “living under communism again” at Columbia. A video of Serban’s appearance on the show with English subtitles appeared on YouTube earlier this week in which he describes the reasons he resigned.

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“What’s happening in the Trump era, the right is radicalized and the left is very radicalized,” Serban said. He continued, “Universities in America are usually left. Columbia is some sort of socialist left on its way to full blown communism, a new strain of communism.”

Challenged by the host who said he was exaggerating, Serban said, “It’s about political correctness…that is now like a chronic disease, like a jaundice affecting America.” He then told a story about what happened when the department needed to hire a replacement for a professor who had left the school:

“We were summoned, all of us, the professors of the acting school of which I was the school director, and they told us we need to form a hiring commission because we needed a new professor because one of us retired…and the dean of the art school told us that we are too many white professors, too many heterosexual men and it would be best to hire a new educator, a woman preferably a minority, and if she is gay it would be just fine, and if it’s a man it would be preferable someone who is Latino or black. And of course she said, it can’t be someone like you Andrei because you are a man who’s been married, a heterosexual man who has children…

“And then I asked…what if the best candidate happens to be by far the most qualified to be a professor to teach these students who are spending a tremendous amount of money on tuition, what is going to happen if the best candidate for the job is white, who is married and has a family? And I was told ‘No, you cannot select this candidate.’”

Serban added, “I was talking as a principle, after which it turned out that someone who was very, very qualified wasn’t hired, and they hired somebody else who was a gay, black person.” Summing up the experience, Serban said, “I felt like I was living under communism again.”

Go here to read the rest.  The Left in the Sixties used to say that the personal was political.  For Leftists now everything is political, and their politics are intolerant, authoritarian, narrow minded and bigoted.  No wonder it reminds Professor Serban of the Communist slave states of his youth.



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  1. Well, when you politicize the personal, you inevitably personalize the political.

    By which I mean political disagreements are no longer arguments about policy, personnel, visions or directions, arguments that cab be resolved via established procedures. Rather, they are disagreements about persons, identities, in which one is either affirmed or rejected in whom one fundamentally is. And that csn only be resolved via assimilation or elimination.

  2. Yes, another example of ideology trumps the purpose of education, the good of the student, the cost of education. Political Correction is the new Berlin Wall keeping Progressive ideology in and truth out. This situation can’t last. “Tear down that wall”.

  3. This post cannot be put on Facebook because Facebook claims it has abusive content! Lord have mercy! These leftists won;t stop! Yes, it’s time to fight back against them because they are stifling and strangulating our freedom of speech!

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