Oh, We Would Accept a Defeat in 2020 as Well as the Left Accepted Their Defeat in 2016

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  1. Oh, we’ll accept things at least as well as Hillary Clinton, who has been a model of grace, dignity and decorum to her legions of supporters.

    Wha’? You mad bro?

  2. The garbage the left is trying to do to us will work only if the political powers that be are on their side. However, when the tide turns, they’re going to discover that their tactics are going to get them a payback they won’t like.

  3. “they’re going to discover that their tactics are going to get them a payback they won’t like.”

    Nope. The cowards in the GOP will NOT fight back. Romney stand up for our principles? He’s the first to cave. he’s in the New McCain. Trump does fight back which is in large part WHY he is liked.

  4. The GOP is irrelevant because it’s either going to become a wholly owned subsidiary of MAGA or it will cease to exist.

    This is an existential battle for both parties, but the stakes are higher for the Republicans. If the Democrats lose, they’ll have to reexamine who they are, what they stand for, and where they want to take the country.

    But if the Republicans lose, or rather, allow themselves to be beat by the kinds of blatantly partisan procedural maneuverings and lawfare shenanigans which we’ve seen over the past three years, there will be no point in voting for their candidates. Because there will be no point in voting period.

    After that, there won’t be enough rope and lampposts for what’s coming.

  5. ” If the Democrats lose, they’ll have to reexamine who they are, what they stand for, and where they want to take the country.”

    They know who they are, what they stand for and where they want to take this country and none of it is good. They will just regroup, change tactics, put on a different face, continue to lie about their true intent and serve it up to the populace as something brand new like they have always done.

    All of this, our Catholic Church, our society and our politics will be changed by God alone and we had better hope we are on the right side of the fence when it happens.

  6. Problem is, the Trump resistance is supported by our leftist controlled society – media, entertainment, government bureaucracy, academentia, etc. They can throw tantrums and not get called out. Should those on the right do the same after a Leftist coup – er, I mean, “fair and free” election – the right would not get that same level of fifth column support.

  7. I understand what you’re saying C Matt, but I guess I have more confidence in Trump supporters to come through when they are needed than others seem to have. We saw this in the 2016 when all seemed lost. We knew what was coming down the pike if the Dems had won and I know a lot of people who really prayed hard that Trump would win even if they weren’t sure what they were getting and put their trust in God. People know what’s going on right now. Unless they are totally committed to the Left, people are aware and awake of the shifting sands of American politics and the severity of consequences of a bad vote. I’m praying and voting.

  8. I think that no matter who wins in 2020, there will be civil war. If the left looses, they will become uncontrollably violent and we on the right will have to defend ourselves. If the left wins, then they will pass laws and do actions to marginalize us, persecute us in the courtrooms, take away our jobs, tax our churches and even imprison on hate crime charges those of us who speak up, and we’ll have to defend ourselves. This is the end of peaceful co-existence with the left. Whether they win or loose, they will initiate force against us.

  9. It’s OK when the Dems/left do it.

    I would not accept any Democrat. It would be the “last straw.”

    Whatever it takes.

    I am considering exactly what I am prepared to do. I know I will not be running around screaming and crying.

    Trump 2020 or fight.

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