You Can Always Depend on the Far Left to Hate Christ

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  1. The walk of the damned.

    Hiding behind their black masks and hoods, this is the future of the Democratic Party. Thugs and killers.
    They have in their rank and file politicans, media moguls and Hollywood’s best.
    Thugs and killers.

    Is that Hillary Clinton with the white glove?

    It might as well be.

    Jesus asks us to forgive.
    Some days it’s just so hard to do that.
    Love our enemies since they might be our brethren in Christ after Jesus touches their cold hearts. It’s so hard to love them…but we can’t do it on our own. He, Jesus, does it through us.

    God, forgive them.
    God forgive me.

  2. It is difficult to forgive until we remember the forgiveness we received from Christ for the horrible things we ourselves did against His own heart. We should also recall how the disciples felt when it came time to accept Saul, now Paul after his Damascus experience. Couldn’t have been easy seeing your friends mowed down by the very one you needed to forgive. As you said, we cannot do it under our own power.

  3. With all respect towards all those admonishing restraint & forgiveness, if I see a hoodlum defacing or destroying statues or icons at my parish, then regardless that I am an out of shape 61 year old malcontent, I’ll smash the end of my cane against the gangster’s skull so hard that he’ll see stars for a week. Either that or I’ll get beaten up trying. Don’t take this crap laying down. These rioters are bullies and bullies need to be put into their place. The Gandhi way never works with this kind.

  4. Your way would be fine LQC if they are caught in the act by someone like you and I, however we cannot be at all places at all times and so we need to exercise forgiveness when we cannot personally confront those responsible for these heinous acts for if we remain in constant anger beCAUSE we cannot stop them physically then the only ones to be harmed will be us. Do not think no one else is angered by the cowardly acts of these ignoramuses because we are, but when we cannot stop what we cannot control then forgiveness is the way even if it does them no good. My act of forgiveness insures my being forgiven for my sins.

  5. I know you’re right, Ordinary Catholic. It just boils my blood. And I would feel this same way if these hoodlums desecrated the Star of David at a Jewish Synagogue or a plain Cross at a Protestant church. But I need more forgiveness and less anger in my heart.

  6. There is something we need to truly understand and it is this: They are cowards. They do not act alone because they see safety in numbers not courage or strength but being safe little twits. They are truly cowards because they won’t show their faces. If they were so proud of what they do then they would show themselves but no. Like the Islamist jihadists who cover their faces they also are cowards. Islamists are weak men. That is why Sharia Law does not afford women their rights as human beings. That is why rape of infidel women is allowed. That is why Muslim women have to be in the company of their male relatives when out in public. Muslim husband have so little confidence in their ability to keep their women from being unfaithful to them that they have to force them under pain of death to comply. Antifa and Islamists are cowards and weaklings.

  7. and they circumcise their daughters and wives. Bad enough but in many cases it is so crudely done that the girls and women are infected and/ or incontinent.

  8. and these weak men practice female circumcision on their girls and women. Bad enough, but when crudely done their victims are either incontinent and/or have infections and are cast aside. Real manly men.
    Oh and these men pre-marriage have been have had relations with men or boys.
    The picture from Chile, if they didn’t look Antifa, I’d guess they were homosexuals. The Rainbow parades always feature sacrilegious costumes and debasement of sacramentals.

  9. “The Gandhi way never works with this kind.”
    Gandhi was assassinated and suffered the same fate as the crucifix. Perhaps if you were there LQC Gandhi would still be alive.

  10. Self-defense extends to the community and property. Self-defense is an innate human right. Whether they know it or not, self-defense is the excuse these marauders, these monsters are using for destoying anything that gets in the way of their ideology.

  11. “My act of forgiveness insures my being forgiven for my sins.”
    The act of forgiveness brings us closer to God leaving the offenders in the dust to wipe from our feet.
    Angels bring our Holy Anger to the throne of God.

  12. Ghandi’s methods only worked because he was willing and able to abuse the higher moral standards and physical self-restraint of those he opposed; doesn’t work if your opponent thinks something is worth killing for, or doesn’t HAVE a higher moral standard.

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