Saint of the Day Quote: Blessed Gregory Lakota

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Bishop and Martyr, Gregory Lakota: Born in 1883 in the Lviv region, he studied theology at the Lviv Academy. He was ordained to the priesthood in Poland in 1908. He served for eighteen years as professor and rector in the seminary at Przemysl before being consecrated that city’s bishop in 1926. Arrested in 1946, he was sentenced to ten years imprisonment. He was then exiled to a labor camp in Vorkuta, Russia. Bishop Gregory was beloved by his fellow prisoners, often taking on the labors of others in order to ease their suffering. He died near Vorkuta in 1950.

Saint Josaphat Eparchy, Ukrainian Catholic Church

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  1. Why would any pope be cozy with the Left! Reading the link about the Ukrainian martyrs there is no doubt that the Left hates the Catholic Church. The Commies were no different than those other Socialists the Nazis in their attacks upon the clergy. Horrendous deaths; the so called lucky ones were sent to the harsh gulag where they too suffered for the faith.
    Pope Francis has a strong need to be liked/loved by every group no matter their violent history against the Christian faith, especially Catholics. Francis is blind to the economic misery created wherever socialism/communism governments are in place. So much for his “love” and “mercy” for the poor.

  2. Cam, Jorge Bergoglio is an Argentine. Argentina is a sick country. Argentina let in Nazis fleeing the collapsing Third Reich. Juan Peron created his own toxic mixture of leftism that too many Argentines still slurp from a common trough.
    Argentina never had to deal with a next door neighbor like the Soviet Union…a neighbor that stole all the grain and left its people to starve.

    Blessed Gregory was one of many who suffered through the complete suppression of the Ukrainian Catholic Church at Stalin’s orders.

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