That About Sums It Up

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  1. Clown show? That’s an insult to clowns.

    More like a San Francisco street fair. Full of freaks and covered in sh–.

  2. Biden is caught on video back in 2016 have done exactly what Trump is now falsely accused of doing. Why can’t Trump just order the arrest of all these traitors? This isn’t going to stop till the Democrats are smashed into utter defeat. At least half of America doesn’t know the truth because the news media keeps it from them. I work with very intelligent people and many of them will vote Democrat just to get Trump out even though the Democrat more than likely will act to kill the very industry – nuclear – in which they work. This is how well the new media propaganda works. This isn’t a free press at all!

  3. This BS plays with the millions of Americans suffering from Trump Insanity Syndrome.

    For the sane, today’s clown car proves “They Got Nothing.”

  4. Desperation, the female perfume that was brought to America via Sen. Diane Feinstein a couple of years ago, is now being touted as a brilliant men’s cologne.

    Same scent.
    Same stink.
    Same disappointing outcome.

    Stepping in Schiff and rolling in it.
    Dogs love it. Democrats love it.

    Trump 2020.
    Brought to you by Schiff.

  5. Yeah, but it won’t mean anything unless we elect enough Trump lovin’ Republicans to the House that we can expel Schiff; and enough to the Senate that Pierre Delecto decides to retire after a single term.

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