Pamela Ewing Has Been Dreaming Again

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Dave Cullen, deservedly, savages Star Trek Discovery Season Two.   My bride and I are currently painfully making our way through the episodes, because we view all things Trek.  I will admit that Season Two is not as bad as Season One, although that would have been a hard feat to accomplish.  It looks and sounds a bit more like Trek, rather like a bat is more like a bird than a wombat is.  However, neither is a bird, and Star Trek Discovery really isn’t Trek.

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  1. I used to enjoy the whole Star Trek franchise. Reruns of TNG and their all too frequent Level 3 diagnostics turned me off. Patrick Stewart’s politics finished that bunch for me. Since the new series requires a subscription, that is a guarantee that I will not watch it.

    Hollywood can’t do much right anymore. I do want to see Ford v Ferrari. Being a semi-gearhead and an aficionado of all things Old Ford related, it should be enjoyable.

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