It’s Cold

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“Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”

H.L. Mencken

Something for the weekend.  The politically correct version of Baby It’s Cold Outside. (Gag.)


The tune was written in 1944 by songwriter Frank Loesser as a humorous party song he and his wife, Lynn, could sing together.

The song roles are written for pursing wolf and timid mouse.

It shouldn’t be on any Christmas playlist, as it has bupkis to do with Christmas, but it is funny and there should be nothing offensive about it to sane, mature people of either sex, who, unfortunately, seem to be in increasingly short supply.

The roles of wolf and mouse are easily sex reversed with hilarious effect:


This was back in more morally sane times when it was not expected that the song was leading up to a sexual encounter. Still, not a good match with Christmas. The song routinely on Christmas playlists that sends me up the wall is “Santa Baby”, that paean to greed and barely disguised prostitution.

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  1. “It’s your body, your choice” and you can take RU 486 any time in the next 49 days, if, you know….

    Legend and wife are big Warren Democrats.

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