John Ford’s Midway

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My bride and I and our son saw Midway (2019) yesterday.  Full review to follow later in the week.  It is a great film which makes a priority of historical accuracy, at least as accurate as a film dramatization can be.  One of the vignettes in the film was of director John Ford, who was making a film about the battle as a Navy Commander while the battle was raging.  That film is above.  Privately Ford made a film tribute for the families of Torpedo Squadron 8 from the USS Hornet.  Their sacrificial unescorted torpedo run, in which they were all shot down, against the Japanese carriers at Midway paved the way for the devastatingly successful Navy dive-bomber attacks on the Japanese flattops.  Ensign George Gay was the only survivor among the pilots of the squadron. Japanese observers at the time noted the heroism of the attack of Torpedo Squadron 8 which reminded them of the best tales of Samurai self sacrifice.


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  1. I had an uncle who was on the island during the battle (one of many who served in the war). Thankfully he survived, though like many veterans, he kept his experiences largely to himself. It’s worth noting that he wouldn’t buy things made in Japan. So I grew up with Midway looming large in my memories. I knew well of Torpedo 8 and they always epitomized heroism and sacrifice. I also personally admired Wade McClusky who I felt was no less a hero in his own right, and that in a battle up to the brim in heroes.

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