Quotes Suitable for Framing: Prodigal Retriever

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One Comment

  1. Prayers for those who are suffering.
    Prayers for them and for our country as well.
    For the Church.

    This excerpt was from yesterday’s One Bread One Body;

    One of the most important details Jesus gave about the end of the world is: “By patient endurance you will save your lives” (Lk 21:19). We can persevere through the most savage persecution of the Church ever (see Lk 21:12), through the worst apostasy ever (2 Thes 2:3-12), and through the worst tribulation ever (Mk 13:19) because we have accepted the grace not to be proud but to fear the name of the Lord (Mal 3:19-20). This humble fear of the Lord is the beginning of love (see Dt 6:2-5). “Love covers a multitude of sins” (1 Pt 4:8) and leads us through the calamities of the end of the world into perfect, everlasting love in heaven.

    I’ll go with Love.
    He I trust.

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