PopeWatch: Same Old, Same Old

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On November 15, the Pope gave an audience to the 20th World Congress of the International Association of Penal Law.   It was, and almost all his speeches are, a collection of his greatest hits:


  1.  Markets bad: The idolatry of the market. The fragile, vulnerable person finds himself “defenceless before the interests of a deified market, which become the only rule” (Evangelii gaudium, 56; see Laudato si’, 56). Today, some economic sectors exercise more power than the States themselves (cf. Laudato si’, 196): a reality that is even more evident in times of globalization of speculative capital. The principle of profit maximization, isolated from all other considerations, leads to a model of exclusion – automatic, no? – that violently inflicts on those who suffer its social and economic costs in the present, while condemning future generations to pay for its environmental costs.
  2.  Capitalism bad:  Global financial capital is the source of serious crimes not only against property but also against people and the environment. It is organized crime that is responsible, among other things, for the over-indebtedness of states and the plundering of the natural resources of our planet.
  3.  Making up new sins:  In this sense, recently, the Synod Fathers for the Pan-Amazon Region proposed to define ecological sin as action or omission against God, against one’s neighbour, the community and the environment. It is a sin against future generations and is manifested in acts and habits of pollution and destruction of the harmony of the environment, in transgressions against the principles of interdependence and in the breaking of networks of solidarity between creatures (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, 340-344)[2].
  4.  Everyone who disagrees with me is Hitler:  The throwaway culture, combined with other psycho-social phenomena widespread in welfare societies, is showing a serious tendency to degenerate into a culture of hatred. There are unfortunately not isolated episodes, certainly in need of a complex analysis, in which the social hardships of both young people and adults find their way. It is no coincidence that sometimes emblems and actions typical of Nazism reappear. I confess to you that when I hear some speeches, some head of the order or of the government, Hitler’s speeches in 1934 or 1936.
  5.   Ignore that the worst governments on these issues are Islamic, and that the Left that I embrace is each passing day more anti-semitic:  They are actions typical [of Nazism] which, with its persecution of Jews, gypsies, people of homosexual orientation, is the quintessential negative model of the culture of rejection and hatred. This is what was done in that time and today these things are being reborn. It is necessary to be vigilant, both in the civil and ecclesial spheres, in order to avoid any possible compromise which is assumed to be involuntary – with these degenerations.

Go here to read the remarks in full.  That all of this is only tangentially related to Catholicism is bad enough, even worse is that the Pope gives continual evidence that he has only a few fallacious ideas rolling around in his brain and that he is imperious to counter arguments and new thoughts.

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  1. Now who would buy this papal nonsense? The benighted, ill informed, socialist, feminist, homosexualist, transgenderist ideologically twisted Liberal Democrat Catholics, that’s who.

    What is wrong with “Pope” Francis? It is either dementia or the devil. I suspect the latter.

    For more on this see: “Eco-Sins and Eco-Cide invented by Francis” By Anthony Stine on Monday, November 18, 2019

  2. From Micheal Brown’s great uncle, Sam.

    A touching post on his site, Spirit Daily, has the story of the author of the prayer below.

    I do realize that this is off topic….but in reality we are to triple our prayer effort.
    It’s ok if you disagree, but the climate change in people’s hearts is a deep freeze. Anger has it’s moments, but it isn’t supposed to be a continual flow, [ see Antifa] so with charity I propose this beautiful prayer from Uncle Sam;

    “Father God, in the mighty Name of the Lord of lords and King of kings, Your Son, Jesus Christ, please stand by us always, this day, tomorrow, next month, next year and the years after. Dear Jesus, touch us as we sleep, aid us in any illness, prevent any disease, and greet us upon death. Strengthen us spiritually, mentally, and physically. Lead us to the right prayers, Lord Jesus, and surround us and our family with Your angels. Take away all resentment and bitterness; all negative emotions we hereby release onto You.

    “And please, dear Jesus, deliver our family —–(name)——— and permanently settle them.

    The Pope is on his mission.
    For some reason the Almighty is allowing this. If God wants us to get righteous anger enough to storm the Vatican castle then I’m wrong to choose a quiet patient path. Forgive me then if your anger is righteous and your stirring the troops for battle.

    I have to choose peace in my heart because there is so much anger building in this year leading up to the 2020 election cycle. It’s tangible, the hate.

    Peace TAC.

    God is in control.

  3. There’s a Jack Clancy novel (I can’t remember which) where the devotees to a new world order, back to nature group, who conspired to murder hundreds of millions (not saying the pope and company are doing that) to accomplish there goals, are put “back to nature”.
    That is, naked, without: tools, medicine, communications (fruits of capitalist enterprise)… in the middle of a Amazon jungle. The punch line is, “you want back to nature, here it is.”
    This scene crosses my mind now and then.

  4. Each and Every individual sovereign person made in the image and likeness of “their Creator” has an innate human right to self-defense expressed in our Constitution and the American Bill of Rights.
    When global anything, one world government, ecology, climate change conspires againt the individual sovereign person it is true totalitarianism. The question must be asked : “WHO defines global world government, climate change, and ecology?”
    “Render under Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.” Caesar belongs to God by the reality of his creation; his existence.
    The state having been instituted by the sovereign personhood of the sovereign individual person, the sovereign person having been created in sovereignty as from The Supreme Sovereign Being, the global everything belongs to the sovereign person to define for himself.
    In self-defense, the sovereign individual carries weapons to protect himself, his family and his neighbors as commanded by God. In self-defense, the sovereign individual passes laws to protect the truth, And finally, when the state dictates the virtues and how the virtues must be practiced by the sovereign individual, the state ceases to be the state and usurps the sovereign person’s conscience.

  5. National Socialist Party (Nazi) and Soviet Socialist Party (USSR) -why can’t the Pope understand the commonality of the two? Socialism sooner or later destroys countries through economic ruin and death due to starvation and death to scapegoat minorities that they blame for the ills that socialism has wrought. It seems that Catholics in particular, are singled out because they are the conscience, a constant reminder that what these governments are doing is evil.
    The Pope is ignorant of history and earth science and the catechism of our Church or else the urge to be beloved; to secure his legacy is so overwhelming that he can align himself with misguided and bad people and ignore his conscience.

  6. Poor people of the International Association of Penal Law. How many stupidities and political incongruities they have had to suffer in that audience.

  7. Sadly, the pope is not alone in his demonization of conservatives. You have Dolan equating the AZ immigration law SB1070 to the actions of the KKK and the Know Nothings. Mahony compares the same law to something coming from the Nazis and Communists. You have Archbishop Chaput lumping the late Justice Scalia in with Francis Kissling. All this happening when before these men, perhaps with exception of Mahony, had any idea who Jorge Bergoglio was.

    Given that the U.S. hierarchy is conservative compared to their European counterparts, it’s probably far worse over there.

    This fish rots in both directions.

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