PopeWatch: Pachamama Out

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  1. People don’t know that historically under most forms of paganism women and children suffered the most and had few rights and little justice.

  2. It is God, the Father who raised up the Blessed Virgin Mary to be the Mother of His Son and the Mother of God. Mother Earth, Mother Nature are creatures of God, the Father. Pachamama is a creature of man’s imagination, a pre-Christian notion of creation.
    The progressives are going backwards.
    BYW a pregnant pachamama? Where is the father? I guess half of a pagan religion is better than no pagan religion at all, that is for the pagans.

  3. So, this fiery, redheaded Latina just waltzes in, upends everything and simply declares sweeping social change? Well, I have two words for her:

    “Yes, Ma’am!”

  4. I searched Jeanine Anez to find out more. One website called her a “Christian Supremacist,” as though it were an insult. Sounds like a win for Bolivia.

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