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Hattip to Amanda Servello.  We in this country never truly appreciate, most of us, just how much we have to be thankful to God for.  I recall an immigrant from Russia, long since departed this vale of tears.  He served as a Corporal in the Marine Corps during World War I, earning a Silver Star, it was known then as the Citation Star, and a permanent limp at Belleau Wood.  In a conversation I had with him back in the seventies he summed up how he felt about this land:  Some country this America!  Indeed sir.

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  1. I love this story. And I would love to be able to pay the author, Amanda Servello, or Monalisa Foster, whomever it was who grew up in Communist Romania, to share her story with the spoiled, privileged brats whom attend my local high school(s).

    For all our problems, and they are legion, we are still the greatest country on earth.

  2. Legal immigrants, just like converts to the faith, are to be treasured. They have a zeal for this country that is lacking in so many native born Americans. Kind of like those who inherit wealth don’t appreciate it the way those who worked for their wealth do. What an amazing woman and how kind of her to share this. Thank you for bringing this to the readers, Donald.

  3. Saw this on facebook!

    Monalisa is an author– was originally a comment on an article she was sharing, and then the facebook algorithms started auto-blocking it, and she kinda lost her temper, made it a picture.

  4. Oh and I should also add: Back in ’93 I visited Russia – the wall had come down, but not nearly enough. What I saw that in that poor benighted country made me appreciate this land all the more, and realize how much God has blessed us greatly.

  5. Thank you for giving our family another reason to thank God come next Thursday;
    Amanda’s story.

    As I read her beautiful reasoning for giving thanks to capitalism, to freedoms we take for granted, I recalled Josyp Terelya story of being imprisoned for his faith…and today’s First reading from Maccabee’s of the mother with the seven son’s who watched each of them die than give into the Rulers wishes for them to eat pork.

    Our thanks is complete when it is offered to God with free heart, mind and body. We have what we have because of God. His intellect has been shared with you. His enthusiasm, his mercy, his very breath and surge of his very blood is a gift for you.

    What we do with His gift is our gift to Him.
    This story of Amanda’s will be shared in our Assisted living center with God’s children.
    Those who will be back home with God in short time.

    Thanks for the post.

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