Dead Politician Walking

News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

LAS VEGAS, NV—Joe Biden has come under scrutiny after suggesting that Pong might be a gateway drug to more dangerous video games like Asteroids, Galaga, Temptest, and Battlezone.

Biden warned that lots of kids are getting addicted to video games when they encounter peer pressure to “just try Pong” one time at a local arcade.

“These young whippersnappers, they’re just trying out Pong because it’s the cool thing to do,” said Biden at a Vegas town hall. “The next thing you know, you’re pew-pewing centipedes and Pac-Manning the Marios, plunking in one quarter after another. It’s a real problem with the kids these days. We’ve got to get them out of these deadly arcades and doing more productive things.”

The former vice president suggested kids try sniffing hair as a safe, clean alternative to drugs and video games.

“It’s just like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade cabinet tells you: Winners Don’t Use Drugs,” he added. “And video games are a heckuva drug. I know—I used to be addicted to Tempest back in the day. I had all the high scores.” Biden snickered, adding that he used to spell bad words when entering his initials.

“We all had a good laugh. But still! Video games are dangerous.”

Go here to read the rest.  You know your party is in trouble when Joe Biden sounds like the sane one.  Biden has done his best over the years to keep up with the lurch to the Left of his party, but even he probably realizes that the Democrats have gone so far to the Left that in the general election Trump will eat their lunch.  However, Biden won’t have to worry about that because he is not going to be the nominee.  Watch for Hillary to make a last minute entry to give the coup de grace to the political career of the former Veep.

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  1. Honestly, can’t see Hildebeast as viable. She was unlikable in 2016, and has only grown more unlikable since. Warren seems the most likely candidate, and gives Dems all the Hildebeast political positions without the same level of shrewiness and baggage.

    Then again, deny the Hildebeast what she wants, and you generally end up suicided.

    What I really can’t understand is how Julian Castro is still around.

  2. Oh, I think she would be a disaster for the Dems, but I doubt if Hillary gives a fig about the well being of her party when it comes to her personal ambition.

    Warren shuts down quite a few big donors for the Democrats who fear she is a socialist. With Hillary, the big donors realize that Clinton is a complete cynic who would talk Left in the primaries, run right in the General, and probably govern in a way that would benefit Democrat fat cats.

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