Firing Line: The Fight Over Catholic Orthodoxy

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The more things change… Michael Davies, Joseph Champlin, Malachi Martin and William F. Buckley discuss the fight over Catholic Orthodoxy.  All four of the gentlemen have departed this vale of tears but that particular debate will never end until time ends.  Recorded on April 22, 198o.  This is one of over 375 episodes of Firing Line now made available on YouTube by the Hoover Institute at Stanford.

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  1. Communionality
    Mass attendance is ordered in The Ten Commandments and in the precepts of the Church. There is no choice. Go to Mass or go to hell, hell being the absence of God in one’s life, body and soul.
    Communionality can only happen AFTER man has been redeemed by the sacrifice of the Mass and certainly not before since man cannot redeem himself. The best efforts at communionality before the sacrifice of the Mass are a sham. If a person is not willing to pray for my salvation he is no friend, nor ally, nor Christian. So, please do not shake my hand and offer peace unless you have partaken of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Salvator Mundi.

    All persons are in the Sacred Heart of Jesus because Jesus chooses to redeem mankind. All persons will find himself and all others (his neighbors) in the Sacred Heart of Jesus here in the Real Presence and in eternity.
    The sacrifice of the Mass is present before all ages because God is outside of time in eternity. The priest acting “in persona Christi” becomes the visible presence of the invisible Jesus Christ at Mass. We have some saints who see and experience Jesus Christ in the Sacrifice of the Mass as visibly present, saints who taste the Blood of Jesus and feel Christ’s crucifixion, especially during the Sacrifice of the Mass.
    The “communitarianism” of the New Order of the Mass overrides the interpersonal relationship sovereign persons have with their God and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    “communitarianism” is like stuttering and repeating what already is, to the point of denying what truly is.

  2. Excellent Buckley Firing Line. Davies is outstanding. Malachi Martin is outstanding. Buckley is outstanding. Joseph Champlin is not, as he proclaims Vatican II Catholicism which is little more tarted up Protestantism, and now in the hands of “Pope” Francis on it’s way to Paganism and atheism all in the service of Progressive politics.

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