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What a sad sack Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman truly is.  In the Red Army, political commissars, Zampoliti, tended to be quietly despised by the real officers attempting to perform real military duties.  Zampoliti were usually on the look out for officers they could denounce to the regime.  That is precisely the reputation that Vindman has in the Army.  A Democrat in uniform, Vindman’s presence in the White House is a demonstration of the Deep State in action.  The idea that a Lieutenant Colonel, rather than the President of the United States, gets to set the foreign policy of the US to a foreign nation would have struck the Founding Fathers as utterly mad.  He also seems to be something of a tool:

The Left certainly has found new respect for the U.S. military as it was learned that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman would be testifying before the House Intelligence Committee during the impeachment hearings. It was made clear that Vindman, who actually was on that Ukraine call, was beyond reproach.

Even as Rep. Jim Jordan began to ask questions about Vindman’s judgment as brought up by his former boss, Vindman was ready, reading Fiona Hill’s glowing performance evaluation into the record. In her opinion, Vindman is a “top 1 percent military officer,” so who’s to question those credentials?

However, there was one moment that seemed to strike a chord with veterans, and that was when Rep. Devin Nunes referred to Vindman as “Mr. Vindman.” “It’s Lt. Col. Vindman, please,” he was corrected. That reminded a lot of people of Sen. Barbara Boxer’s “Don’t call me ma’am” moment, and veteran and Richochet editor-in-chief Jon Gabriel imagined it reminded a lot of enlisted people of officers they don’t really care for.


Go here to read the rest.  During my misspent youth, and my inglorious sojourn in the Army, one thing that was drummed into us was civilian control of the military.  We also understood that military courtesies did not apply to, or could be expected from, civilians.  Military titles were rarely used unless you didn’t know the person addressed.  Subordinates in formal settings were usually referred to by their last name.  Superiors, officers, were referred to as sir.   People who knew each other and were close in rank would usually use first names in private settings.  Attempting to require a Congressman to use a military title is the hallmark of an insecure jerk in uniform, the bane of every one of us who has ever donned a uniform for Uncle Sam.

In the impeachment inquiry Vindman has played a partisan political role.  He dishonors the uniform when he puts it on to perform his skit in this bad farce.


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  1. “Do You, Every Day, Wear That Uniform To Work?” would be the first question I would ask [he single-handedly won the Iraq War] war-hero, Lt. Col. NeverTrump.

    I’m nauseated by the whole coup thing. But, he also disgraced the uniform.

  2. This entire proceeding is a farce. Schiff is as crooked as a Western Pennsylvania road. There has been no crime committed by the President. Impeachments are supposed to be about crimes. It was the previous administration that committed multiple crimes.
    I knew, from the day I moved there to work, that Washington is an entity unto itself, responsible to no one but itself, and nobody has any business telling them what to do.
    The continued growth in scope and power of the Government is the biggest threat to liberty and opportunity in this country. Most of the media is complicit in it. The brass of the military usually strives to seek favor with an Administration (current one excepted) because they are really just entrenched bureaucrats and the military, to them, is a combination of a goverent jobs program and a toy.
    My cousin’s late husband was a retired Lt. Colonel of the USMC. He flew fighter jets in Vietnam. He was shot down and rescued at sea by the Navy. Why wasn’t he a General? I don’t know but he was in combat and not a lifetime DC denzien.

  3. History of Impeachment [from a 1964, high school American History textbook, i.e., ante Nixon/Watergate and Clinton]

    Early in 1804, the House of Representatives voted impeachment charges against (arrogant, unpopular) Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase. The evidence proved Chase was guilty of bad manners, injudicious statements, and unrestrained partisanship, but not “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The Senate failed to convict. Since 1804, there has been no other partisan attempt to reduce or reshape the Supreme Court using impeachment power.

    May 1868, the House of Representatives/Radical Republicans voted Impeachment for Andrew Johnson. Johnson was guilty of bad judgment, bad speeches, bad temper and wantonly opposing a radical reconstruction agenda but not high crimes and misdemeanors. The Senate failed to convict Andrew Johnson.

    If a hostile two-thirds majority in Congress can remove the President, there is a breakdown of Constitutional separation of powers. If Congress can oust the Presidency, and dictate membership of the Supreme Court, they could establish a kind of legislative dictatorship.

    See The American Pageant, A History of the Republic by Thomas A. Bailey pages 186, 479-80.

    Since early November 2016, a covert, well-organized gang of unelected government officials and butt-hurt democrat cry-babies have been attempting to remove the President because he made them cry.

    Three hundred million weapons and a trillion bullets ought to be sufficient.

  4. Impeachment Update:

    20 November 2019: New poll from vital swing state – Wisconsin – shows Trump beating the top four Democratic presidential candidates by 3-8 points. The same poll in October – prior to the Schiff/Pelosi impeachment circus – Trump was badly losing to the clowns.

    File Under “Circling Torpedo.”

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