Midwest Voice Translator

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Wrecking Experts

During my 37 years at the bar I have seen quite a few cases lost due to a poor choice in experts. 

Terror at Pensacola

  As usual, the best coverage comes from the Brit papers:   The Air Force trainee who killed three and injured eight

Star Trek Christmas References

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Star Trek.

One Comment

  1. Yah hay… been standin’ in dat line for hours ta get me sum cream puffs..and it’s a darn good ting we had cheese curds on us cuz the wait was ungodly long ya know.

    The misses is from Watertown….Wisconsin dat is.
    The State Fair is funny. Over two hundred folks standing in line for cream puffs. Yup. I was in line with them.

    The cheddar curtain! I like that.

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