News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


CHINA—Christians in China have joined together in lifting up their American brothers and sisters in prayer after learning Chick-fil-A has shifted around its charitable giving, possibly cutting out all anti-LGBTQ organizations.

Meeting in secret to avoid arrest, Chinese Christians are all praying for us.

“Lord, please protect our brothers and sisters in America, who are severely persecuted by the fall of Chick-fil-A,” prayed one Chinese pastor currently imprisoned for his faith. “We know this is somehow part of Your sovereign plan, yet we still cry out to You asking that You would save them from this brutal persecution.”

Local Christian man Wei Chang said American Christians are always in his prayers. 

Chang is even starting a charity where Chinese Christians can financially sponsor a persecuted American Christian who doesn’t know where to get a good Christian chicken sandwich now that Chick-fil-A has caved to the LGBTQ lobby.

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  1. American Christians are being persecuted by the LGBT. Chick-fil-a has joined in the persecution. People in China on the other side of the world can see that, yet some Americans are blind.

  2. A Catholic, with his Rosary wrapped around his rearview mirror, was denied sugar for his coffee while going through the drive thru. When the patron asked for sugar from the lady inside the window, all he could hear was; ” keep your rosaries off my hosiery’s.” Which struck the man as being very strange since he never once commented on her stockings nor had the opportunity to even see her feet.

    Strange times are afoot at the Chic fil a.

  3. Philip, Since the post is from the Bee, are you tongue in cheek or is the “keep your rosaries off my hosiery’s” true statement.
    If true, this woman should have been reported to the management. The drive thru window is not a forum for making social media type of comments. Her job is to serve food with a “thank you for your business” and not make personal comments.

  4. CAM…
    I apologize.
    The “cheek” give away was my finish…something is afoot…..
    tie in to hosiery… I said, I apologize. I like to kid around on the Bee and the Tiber posts that Don utilizes now and then. I couldn’t resist to throw my sophomoric spin into the Killer Bee.

    No harm.
    Some foul.

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