Are Golden Calves Tasty?

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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


ATLANTA, GA—Chick-fil-A corporate headquarters announced Friday that the restaurant will be getting a new mascot in place of the traditional Chick-fil-A cow: a golden calf.

Restaurant patrons will be asked to dance around and worship the golden calf when they enter the restaurant to show their submission to the LGBTQ agenda.

“Take off the body piercings that your LGBTQ+ same-sex partners are wearing, and bring them to me,” said Dan Cathy in a solemn ceremony while creating the restaurant’s first-ever golden calf this morning. So all the people did so and brought them to Cathy. He took what they handed him and made it into an idol cast in the shape of a calf, fashioning it with a plastic fork. “This is your god, people of Chick-fil-A, who brings you great business and allows you to expand into other markets.”

Then the people worshiped in a mighty dance. And there was much rejoicing.

Go here to read the rest.  Satan always gives nothing in return:


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  1. According to the LBGT agenda and GLAAD mob rule eveyone who believes that marriage between a man and a woman consists in the marital act is discriminating against their sodomites. Correct. Sodomy is not the marital act. Why does the LGBT and Glaad hang their shittty sheets out in the public domain and demand adherence?
    It is self-defense to avoid contant with sodomites. Indoctrinating our children in public school is kidnapping by the state as long as the state supports such ideology.
    Since when does the state deny the marital act and support feckless sodomy?… with our tax dollars.? Vote the baby killers and sodomites out of office…starting with Anthony Kennedy who could not tell the difference betweet the marital act and sodomy. Sodomites are all in their anal stage of development.
    Our Founding Principles are written for a God-fearing people.

  2. “Vote the baby killers and sodomites out of office…starting with Anthony Kennedy who could not tell the difference between the marital act and sodomy.”

    Mary. In as much as I agree with you, the pessimism that I have regarding the future voters jumping on your bandwagon is based upon the popularity of homosexuality and freedom to promote sin in many of its distorted forms. The current culture is going to need a dose of Divine intervention imho.
    A strain of pestilence that hasn’t existed.
    Please don’t believe that I hope for such things…never, however the lie that has been coddled and nourished for these past forty years is an established and deep seated “lifestyle” choice that is in itself a golden calf.

    God intervened, as I recall from Scripture, and the earth quaked and swallowed up the disobedient. Worshiping false God’s has its consequences. I would love the idea of enough God fearing people to vote the pagans out of offices but are there enough God fearing people to get the job done?

    Peace Mary.

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