Never Trumper End Game

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The immolation of the Never Trumper movement proceeds apace.  As long time readers of this blog know, I only reluctantly supported Trump in 2016.  I will enthusiastically support him in 2020, largely due to his policies, but somewhat due to the flaming irrationality of many of his critics, particularly those professional conservatives who formed the core of the Never Trumper movement.

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  1. I expect the irrationality, or if you prefer the insanity, of the Left and their allies in Hollywood, the media and academia. The Never Trumpets on the Right, who are too many to name here, are nothing but a collection of phony (fake) punditry. They are snobs of the worst class. They contribute nothing and breathe someone else’s air.
    I used to get the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. Dick Scaife was relentless in going after the Clinton corruption. He had his pet issue and that was Planned Parenthood funding – he was all for it. I cancelled the paper over his editorial supporting PP. Years later they quit publishing a printed copy and their editorial page is syndicated columns attacking Trump and whining for free trade.

  2. The most dangerous enemy is always the one from within. So, go away Bill Kristol. Especially now, with what is known, no rational person believes what you just posted. The only fair conclusion is that you don’t believe it yourself and, instead, you are willing to sacrifice this country, and particularly its unborn, to your wounded pride. You never were a conservative you traitor. Go away.

  3. Trump was not my favorite either until the general elections against HC. My choice has shown me to be right in that he has been the champion of the unborn. More so than any other president. He will again be my choice. I cannot elect Democrats who with their Einsatzgruppen death squads who are a constant threat to children awaiting their birth.

  4. He would rather have Bloomberg? What big differences between those two is he so worried about? Where is Bloomberg closer to Kristol than Trump when it comes to those Free Markets? I think Kristol’s support of the other candidates just casts doubt on how conservative he ever was. But Bloomberg?

  5. From NY: Midget Mike bought the NYC Mayor job and for 12 years was successful in not reversing what Giuliani had achieved.

    Trump has been correct all along. Bloomberg self-disclosed fake news by ordering his so-called journalists not to investigate him or any demoncrat, but 24/7 to go after President Trump.

    Midget Mike (outlaw soda and plastic straws, climate hoax fanatic, gun confiscation, raise taxes, regulate everything, abortion on demand, LGBTQ, gay marriage, welfare state, etc.) is not qualified. He is a radical nanny-stater who would control everything we do and own. He would be Stalin with a soft gulag.

    This isn’t a debate. It’s a war.

    I’m so old I remember watching Bill Buckley and Gore Vidal on TV, and wondering why Buckley didn’t reach over and punch VIdal in the throat. Now, I know: fake conservative. They are only the other side on a long-running print media/TV debate.

  6. Every time that man opens his mouth, I feel the need to bathe. There are many misguided individuals amongst moderates, even the far left, who cannot come close to his level of nauseating pomposity.

  7. The establishment Republicans never truly cared about the social issues; their never Trump position has made it blindingly obvious.

  8. I was very sympathetic to NeverTrump-ism. Used the label myself. I voted for a third-party in the election.

    I wasn’t sure I’d vote for him for a long time. But as of last year or so, he’s won me over. Cumulatively, what he’s done is so so preferable to what Democrats would do – even if flawed.

    When I said NeverTrump, I was saying “I’d never vote for the Trump I know; I have no reason to believe he’ll pursue good policy.” Trump – happily – proved my (I think warranted) prediction wrong.

    I did not take a blood oath to never support him.

  9. Anyone that is Hated as much as Trump is hated, by both parties, has my vote.
    Coupler that with strong pro-life action in his capacity as President, and he becomes even a better villain in the eyes of the Left. Lastly. That he is filled with piss and vinegar….a bull dog…a fighter in the face of queer culture that thrives on sodomy and bullies anyone who stands up for the Gospel messages…well. ok.
    I am a gun toting, Bible loving American.
    Deplorable as they come.
    So sue me.

  10. Bill Kristol? Irving’s little boy? The guy whose mother, historian of the first order Gertrude Himmelfarb, kept his vanity publication afloat with her frequent contributions?

    Yeah, he seems nice.

    Bless his heart.

  11. Being an all-out supporter of Trump from day one it is still something of a mystery why all conservatives didn’t see him the way I did. Sure he was uncouth, a womanizer, a buffoon, a vain boaster, etc. But he was not evil. He was not Hillary Clinton. He was against abortion. He was for conservative justices. That was enough for me.

    If Hillary had been elected what would the Never Trumpers be saying now? Never Trumpers are fake conservatives. They choose style over substance.
    And besides all that he is one hell of a showman and funny too. I am proud I voted for Trump. In the words of Lee Iacocca, “If you can find a better candidate, vote for him”.

  12. Regarding President Trump, I’ll repeat what I said at the time of the general election as I did not vote for him in the primary. Until Christ is on the ballot, I will always vote for the lesser of two evils. There is zero doubt that he was the lesser of two evils when compared to Hitlery. However, he has been a surprise for the better for even his most ardent supporters as far as how he has governed. Now, in hindsight, perhaps that should have been more predictable as President Trump possesses a key quality which was evident from the start and which is, in my humble opinion, as important as any other quality necessary in a good leader. President Trump does not give a rat’s _ss about the opinion of the elites. We are, and have been, at war. Yet, and since Ronald Reagan, we have not been blessed with a leader who wasn’t paralyzed by his desire for elitist’ approval until President Trump was elected. I will continue to pray for him every day as there is no question God truly does write straight with crooked lines. May God continue to bless these United States of America.

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