Panic in the Sky

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As a boy I watched endless reruns of the Superman live action series.  My favorite episode was Panic in the Sky which aired in 1953, the twelfth episode of the second season.  Both Superman and Clark Kent in that episode had to face a menace that might destroy him.  Stricken with amnesia, Clark Kent, with no recollection of being Superman, demonstrated that powers do not make the hero.  Not a bad lesson for children to learn.


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  1. Not directly JFK, but the number of close misses the Earth has from potentially catastrophic encounters does cause me to appreciate the providence of God and the fecklessness, since we entered the Space Age, of Man.

  2. A couple of weekends ago an over the air tv station ran a marathon of the show. I watched a couple of hours worth. To my complete surprise my wife was completely unfamiliar with the show. I still like him as Superman. The plots and shows were clearly written for a young audience. I can see how after a time the actors and actresses would feel trapped and limited.

  3. I love those early episodes. The George Reeves TV show had a profound affect on me which endures to this day. I am always surprised how often my hobbies and interests coincide with posts on The American Catholic.

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