Saint of the Day Quote: Blessed Richard Langley

“The heretics much abused this gentleman at the bar with railing and uncourteous speeches. At his first coming into the hall to be arraigned, he knelt down and asked Mr. Crowe, the priest, his blessing. He said that he would never repent that he had harboured priests, and that they were the messengers of God, but rather was sorry that he had not harboured more and oftener than he had done ; also that he thanked God that he might die for so good a cause. He would not make suit to the tyrant nor the Privy Council for his life in this cause, which sentence grieved the tyrant and his complices exceedingly, insomuch that they altered the jury, which was first impanelled of his honest neighbours, fearing these would deal favourably and justly, and instead of them appointed such as they knew would work their desire to murder him, as they did.”

From an account of the trial of Blessed Richard Langley who was executed on December 1, 1586 for the “crime” of harboring Catholic priests.

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