For the Benefit of Pope Francis

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  1. It’s as if he’s trying to suggest that almost any tradition in the Church’s history is purely optional.

  2. By the time pope Francis is dead I am afraid the catholic church will be in agony.We need bishops and lay people to keep the church on life support now.

  3. “Authority is not given to you to over the KING,, Steward!”
    Gandalf to Denethor
    JR Tolkien, lord of the rings.

  4. Not directly related but…………..

    Francis also came out against strategic nuclear deterrent after his recent visit to Nagasaki and Hiroshima; and against commercial nuclear power after his visit to Fukushima. Like all anti-nukes, he first decries the massive loss of life that the nuclear detonations caused over Japan while ignoring the fire bombing of Tokyo and what would have happened had a conventional invasion of Japan been necessary; then he conflates nuclear energy for electricity with nuclear weapons, ignoring that even including Fukushima (which killed NO member of the public though hydro dam failures and natural gas tank explosions sure did), nuclear’s mortality rate per terawatt hour is lower than all other energy forms – hydro, coal, oil, gas, wind & solar.

    This freaking worthless useless Marxist Peronist Caudillo condemns the United States every chance he gets. He puts idols in the Vatican gardens. He has a pagan light show on St. Peter’s Basilica. He wears a commie crucifix. He trades Catholics in China for adulation by the communist authorities. He promotes homosexual predators and heterodox clerics into key episcopate positions. He even decried the death penalty for hardened criminals before US Congress (contrary to Genesis 9:6) while having refused any mention of the death penalty called abortion – remember that?! He does everything that a Judas Iscariot would do who is about to turn the Church over to the anti-Christ. Yes, I want him deposed and anathematized – him and all his works and all his henchmen. I am wrong for saying this. I know that. But I despise him. I loathe, abhor and detest him. And that’s the way it is. My charity for him is gone. It left a long time ago when he had a chance to confront the Democrats in Congress over abortion and turned the tables on us.

    God, please save your Church from this evil man. Have mercy! In Jesus’ Name!

  5. Our “pope” has merely adopted the new politically correct version of the Sign of the Cross to go along with his ‘Church without Christ.’ ala Flannery O’Connor. “Where you come from is gone, where you thought you were going to weren’t never there, and where you are ain’t no good unless you can get away from it.” Hazel Motes, Wise Blood

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