Never Appear in a Kangaroo Court


No, Trump is not going to help the Democrats salvage the ratings disaster that the impeachment hearings have become.  No, he will not allow them to claim that their is anything fair about this legislative attempt at a bill of attainder masquerading as an impeachment hearing.  No, the legislative lynching will have to proceed without the presence of the guest of honor.








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  1. It’s my impression that, so far, the impeachment hearings are like a congressional revival of the California Raisins singing “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”.

  2. A three word sentence from the 2012 movie Argo comes to mind after reading the counsels letter.

    It was from Alan Arkins character, Lester Siegel; “Ar-go screw yourself.”

    Crude, but appropriate in this case.

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