PopeWatch: A New Church

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Thomas R. Ascik provides a valuable service at The Catholic World Report in giving a good overview of the results of the Amazon Synod.  His conclusion:


The Amazon Synod’s Working Document of June 2019 called for the “possibility” of married priests, and the Synod’s Preparatory Document of March 2019 had pointed in the same direction. With the Final Report of the Synod explicitly advocating married priests, how is Francis supposed to respond? Make the same point for the fourth time or do something about it?

Likewise, it is “the hour” of women.  Just as for married priests, the groundwork has been laid.  The time for action appears to be now.  It seems impossible that Francis would not inaugurate some level of clerical  orders for women, perhaps up to the diaconate.

The Final Report calls for the creating of several new institutions the organization and maintenance of which would obviously require a great deal of money. Among several to be built: a global fund to directly subsidize Amazonian communities as a means of paying the world’s debt to them for their central role in the world’s ecology, an Amazon Catholic University,  a multi-disciplinary educational website, a permanent episcopal organization that promotes synodality in the Amazon, and a “network” attending to the “political and ethical.” With the Amazon and Laudatio Si as the paradigm of the Catholic Church, it is to be presumed that a new worldwide collection for these efforts will be established.

The 2018 youth synod together with Francis’ 2018 apostolic constitution, Episcopalis communio, made the Church “synodal.” Now a limited number of bishops from a limited locale of the Church has promulgated the agenda for the “synodal conversion” of the worldwide Church.

(The Vatican has released the Final Report only in Spanish but has not posted even that version on its website.  The author has used two different English translations, including Zenit’s, as has been made available through various websites.)

Go here to read the rest.  The conclusion of PopeWatch is that the Amazon Synod is part of an ongoing attempt to eliminate traditional Catholicism and erect a new religion on its wreckage.  The misnamed Amazon Synod has little to do with the Amazon and everything to do with the effort of the Catholic Left to build a new Catholicism that will have as little to do with the old Catholicism as possible.  The Church is following the same path to extinction as has been blazed by the mainline Protestant denominations.  Pope Peron is determined to leave as his monument a new Church.  If this involves splitting the Church into fragments and betraying 2000 years of the teaching of the Church, such consequences appear to mean nothing to him.

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