Preach It Carl!

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  1. I thought the church existed for it’s diocesan schools?
    …you know the schools that charge $15K per year to get your kid into the be$t college, while not teaching any high school catechism to the majority of it’s members because they either: don’t have the money, the desire of going to the be$t college, or maybe they have “siblings” as in more than one (& that means 3x4x15=$180K for HS), or perhaps one that want’s to be a carpenter -what a loser.

  2. God is infinite Being. God exists as Jesus Christ in existence. Jesus Christ came to return to the Father those who belong to the Father…us…and by our own free will, those of us who love God will return to the Father.
    The Real Presence of Jesus Christ is with us for all time in the Catholic Church.
    The Catholic Church houses the Real Presence.
    Those of us who choose to belong to God follow Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist, in the Gospel and in the tradition of the Apostolic Succession.
    Those of us who choose to follow Jesus Christ and to do the will of His Father in heaven as Christ does, hear His voice and follow our vocation.

  3. In today’s culture the word love has been so overused as to being rendered meaningless. Too often it ends up being more like puppy love, where people are more in love with the idea of being in love with God. It is mostly people having a spiritual infatuation, or a “crush” on God. It’s a start but it needs to be deepened and strengthened to stand the test of time and circumstances. The First Commandment clearly states that God wants a committed, monogamous, eternal relationship with we humans.
    Wouldn’t anyone who was truly deeply in love with God want to know everything about Him that they could? This is where dogma and doctrine can deepen our relationship with God, by giving God reality and substance. This way God becomes Someone not something. The shack-up/hookup culture has greatly impoverished the language of love.

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