Sheen’s Beatification Delayed

As of yesterday.

No real details beyond “a few members of the bishop’s congress” requesting it.

Press release here.

Going off of random news reports, it may be related to rather crazy accusations from known crazy accusers.

On the upside, at least my husband and I hadn’t reserved our hotel rooms yet?

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  1. In 1979, Fulton John Sheen received his greatest accolade when Pope John Paul II embraced him at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. The Holy Father said to him, “You have written and spoken well of the Lord Jesus. You are a loyal son of the Church.” With that last acknowledgment, Fulton Sheen passed into eternal life just two months later on December 9, 1979.

  2. Given the crazy delays up to now with the whole “oh we have a dude WORKING MIRACLES but yeah going for sainthood no, that’s not cool” thing, I have no idea what to think.

    Beyond “dang it, we were gonna go there.”

  3. Just another way to squash joy out of the faithful and keep the print about his extraordinary work for the Lord from the uninformed.

  4. Logistics.

    One month to plan and incorporate a Beatification. Seriously.

    They did not have it all together to put this on. Fr. Solanas had 68,000 in Ford Field. He wasn’t nearly as known or as popular as Sheen. This I heard on Revenant radio this afternoon. It makes sense to me. Logistics.

  5. Bishop Fulton J. Sheen had much to say about communism. Hear His: THE GLORY OF BEING AMERICAN.
    If I were communist I would not want to have Sheen’s cannonization broadcast.

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