Yes, That is the Way Impeachment is Turning Out for the Democrats

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  1. Hmm. It isn’t funny when The Left pulls a stunt like this. The Right–assuming it did- should not either. And Barron should be kept out of it. Period.

  2. DJH and Dave Griffey: Ditto. Don’t like the image or what it does to us…we are now in Kathy Griffins league?

  3. we are now in Kathy Griffins league?
    No, since this was done in a light hearted manner to describe how the strategy of the Democrats regarding impeachment has backfired on them. Griffin’s “beheading” of Trump was a manifestation of pure hate, and as a career move publicity stunt. I find the picture hilarious. De gustibus non est disputandum

  4. “De gustibus non est disputandum”. I get it. Subjective opinions aren’t either right or wrong. I like the color blue best; you prefer something else. Nothing to go to war about, right? I agree. I just sense (my opinion only) that this isn’t a good example of Catholic dignity or humility. Not quite turning the other cheek or doing good to those who abuse us…Admittedly, partly gut reaction but my spirit also felt uneasy seeing that…Just saying and explaining…

  5. “Not quite turning the other cheek”

    I do believe in turning the other cheek. However, as my sainted mother, pure Irish with fire red hair, explained to me long ago: “Always turn the other cheek Donnie and be a peacemaker, until you run out of cheeks to turn and then defend yourself, and make them regret bothering you!”. I have found that to be sound advice during my 62 years in this vale of tears.

  6. I am tempted to continue but can’t after your introduction of your sainted mother. 🙂 I would rather say no more to avoid taking even the slightest risk of affronting her or you through a bad turn of phrase on my part. And I had a feisty English Catholic Mum – she sounds much like yours. May they rest in peace. Thanks for the provocative piece – not my “cup of tea” but you got me thinking about how bad a boomerang can hurt someone!

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