Wrecking Experts

During my 37 years at the bar I have seen quite a few cases lost due to a poor choice in experts.  Rule one about experts is that they should act like experts: knowledgeable, dispassionate and objective.  If they seem like  hired guns in court, which they are of course, their utility fades away faster than a crooked used car salesman’s smile after the keys are handed over.  Having constitutional experts attempting to justify impeachment was a foolish move in any case.  Congress is the sole decider on impeachment, with the American people waiting in the wings in the next election if they get it wrong.  At best such testimony is a waste of time.  At worst it is a disaster which is what happened to the Democrats this week.  The only expert who acted like an expert was Jonathan Turley, a non-supporter of Trump who does not believe a case warranting impeachment has been made.


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  1. Don

    You think this is interestesting?

    Wait ’till they try to impeach a majority of the Supreme Court for overturning Roe v Wade!

    God give everyone the strength to stand firm when that happens.

  2. We’re still one Justice shy of overturning Roe, maybe two.

    So the groundwork for impeachment starts being laid before RBG is decently buried.

    Would be my guess

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