A Very Special Star Wars Christmas

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  1. What? More than the Ewok movies? You Philistine! 😉

    Rifftrax has taken their shot at the movie for those interested.

    And the RedLetterMedia guys (of Plinkett review fame), did TWO reviews. One, a long gag where they kept dodging talking about the film.

    And the other, actually talking about it.

    According to SFDebris, when he was doing his video essay on the “making of” Star Wars, the Holiday Special flopped so hard, it woke George up to the dangers of getting lazy with his property, and it convinced him to really buckle down and make sure Empire Strikes Back was as good as possible.

    So in a way, the Holiday Special is responsible for one of the greatest movies of all time.

  2. Still one of the low television moments of my childhood. I think it was the gap between expectations in the pre-VCR era (Wow! Another Star Wars movie!) and what it was (the Star Wars Holiday Special).

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