Biden v. Trump

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I don’t know if President Trump says daily prayers.  I doubt it.  But if Biden gets the nomination, which I also doubt, a very big prayer of his will be granted.  I assumed that he would fall by the way side, and he probably still will.  However, Biden’s competitors for the nomination are doing a very good job of self-destructing.  Hillary Clinton?  It is becoming less of a joke and more of at least a remote possibility.


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  1. One good guess is the nominee will be selected at the Democrat convention amid an uproar. Trump will be elected.

  2. It’s not as if the Democrat clown car needed one more old white who has the pathological need to tell everyone else how to live.

    Biden is a crook and even more stupider than Hillary. But, he can be controlled by the powers that really run the country. Trump can’t be controlled: high crime and misdemeanor.

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