Reaching Out to Hep Cats

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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

MANHATTAN—In a move tailor-made for his target demographic, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced Monday he will appear on an upcoming episode of television’s The Ed Sullivan Show.

“I think booking a gig on the ‘ol tube will boost my poll numbers with the youngsters,” Biden told sources. “This Ed fella seems to know what the kids are into. He just had that band with those 4 mop-headed dudes from England- what was their name again?”

Biden then explained how a prior connection with Sullivan helped him land the spot on the popular variety show. “I fought next to ol’ Eddie in World War 2. When I got home from the war, I bought that hotel in Vermont, but we’ve fallen on hard times. Ed suggested I come on the show and invite some of the guys from the old unit to come up for the holidays and enjoy the snow.

Go here to read the rest.  Well okay, so long as Joe doesn’t don a pair of Spock ears and attempt to appear on Star Trek TOS.  Biden of course has fond memories of Ed Sullivan.  When Biden won his first election in 1970, Ed Sullivan was still on the air.



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Thought For the Day


  1. Next he can go on that show with the go-gi girls on bikinis and grease paint and say, “sock it to me!” And the one with the two brothers, the smart one and the dumb one. I think it’s called the Snicker Brothers Jam Hour.

    Well, that’s what Joe said, anyway.

  2. Yep, and that show called the Modern Squad, or something, with young police officers working undercover, and Joe can tell stories about his days as a cop. The Rodent Patrol would make a good platform for Joe talking about his derring do fighting against the Desert Fox. Young voters, Grandpa, or Greatgrandpa, Joe is where its at.

  3. The joke was better before autocorrect changed Smucker to Snicker.

    I suppose Joe could tell us about his time as a hi-paid defense attorney who always took innocent clients pro-bono (because they were innocent -duh) and ran rings around the incompetent d.a. and corrupt police Lt. who was always arresting innocent people. He would get them off by going before the bench and saying, “your Honor, my client is innocent. My word as a Biden.” And the judge would say, “well then, case dismissed.”

    The problem is, his storied legal exploits always sound like the plot of an Erie Stanley Gardner story.

  4. Uncle Joe’s appearance on You Bet Your Life was a hoot. Groucho handed Joe a hundred bucks when Joe mumbled “hypocrite” which of course was the word of the day.

    Ever since, Joe has been doing his best to exemplify his $100.00 windfall word.

    Keep it up Joe.
    You’ll be a smash on celebrity Big Brother.
    The youngsters love the reality Tube stuff.

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