Requiescat in Pace: Rene Auberjonois

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Sad news.  Rene Auberjonois, a descendant of Napoleon’s Marshal Murat on his mother’s side, has died at age 79.  A consummate professional, during his acting career he had an infinite number of roles.  Doubtless he will be best remembered for the shape shifting law man, Odo, on Deep Space Nine, a role that he endowed with complexity and, ironically, deep humanity.  That role also demonstrated that he was so secure in his craft he was always willing to play straight man in his roles to allow other actors to score comedic points.  In later years he carved out a second career doing voice acting roles.  He defied the fearsome divorce statistics of his profession to remain married to his one and only wife for 56 years.  Unlike others in his trade he kept his politics, and his personal life, to himself, giving instead value for dollars every time he performed.  His body of work is his legacy and that legacy is a good one.  Prayers for the repose of his soul.  May there be work for him to do in Heaven.

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  1. Loved Odo and always delighted in seeing Rene show up in something I was watching. A true inspiration through and through.

  2. “Unlike others in his trade he kept his politics, and his personal life, to himself, giving instead value for dollars every time he performed.”

    Not exactly true in this day and age of Twitter. Rene Auberjonois was an anti-Trumper as his Twitter feed once showed. But that feed is now removed. It was existent yesterday however.

  3. It’s almost unheard of for actors to actually manage their social media– it’s a mini-scandal that RDJ actually does, ditto Kevin Sorbo.

    It’s not just possible, but likely, that he didn’t even know the password for the account much less write anything.

  4. R.A. was one of the dramats (students in the Drama department) my wife (a History prof) taught at Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie-Mellon). The dramats were a good bunch, palled around with the History faculty and were far removed from the crazies in today’s universities. Some of the other dramats were most of the cast of Hill Street Blues, another bunch of good people.

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