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Chilling story by at Reason:


I was working in Silicon Valley when my mother called me from back home in Caracas with some alarming news: My father had experienced sudden kidney failure. I immediately flew from San Francisco to Miami, where I had to wait two days until I could get one of the few flights left to Caracas. Since the election of Hugo Chávez in 1998 ushered in successive waves of nationalization, inflation, and recession, international airlines—American, Delta, United Airlines, even carriers from next-door Colombia and Brazil—had been steadily reducing, canceling, and eventually abandoning all routes to my once-prosperous country. I slept in the Miami International Airport with many other desperate Venezuelans. Finally I was able to purchase a ticket for an exorbitant sum from Santa Barbara Airlines, a Venezuelan carrier that has since gone bankrupt.

Fortunately, my father was still alive when I arrived in Caracas, but he required continuous dialysis. Even in the best of the few remaining private clinics, there was a chronic lack of basic supplies and equipment. Dialyzers had to be constantly reused, and there were not enough medicines for patients. In several parts of the country, electricity and water were also rationed, including in hospitals. Given the precarious economic situation, and thanks to our comparatively advantageous financial situation, we decided the best course of action would be to leave Venezuela and fly to my father’s native Madrid, where he could get the treatment he needed.

But because of the decimated air travel situation, we had to wait three weeks for the next available flight to Spain. The few airline companies still operating in Venezuela had reduced their flights dramatically because of Venezuelan government controls. Sadly, the Caracas dialysis couldn’t hold out that long. Just two days before he was scheduled to leave his adopted country, my father died because of its disastrous policies. I still remember it vividly. I cannot forget.

Go here to read the rest.  How many people will have to die in the future for this Leftist superstition?

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  1. As long as there are demagogues like AOC, there will be believers in the Left. Moronic millennials who have buried themselves in college loan debt, all to get an unmarketable degree – and to go live in a dorm room hundreds of miles from Mom & Dad – cannot be reasoned with.
    Socialism fails always. A failed educational system, a bloated government, a media that acts like Goebbels and vulture capitalists like Paul Singer do not help

  2. I read an interesting article about colleges and their role in employment. It is titled “Busting the College-Industrial Complex” The URL is:
    The article generally characterizes colleges as playing the role of de facto employment gatekeeper employer-sanctioned cartels. It is the employers who are requiring a college degree on the job applicant’s resume. The article also points out how their employment gateway status helps to fuel the college campus culture wars.
    “Woke” capitalists and left wing college campuses appear to have a symbiotic relationship. If a person is only going to college to get their meal ticket punched, how intellectually engaged are they going to be? How many of them are going to have any real interest in true scholarship? The chokehold that colleges have on the future employment prospects of their students makes them natural centers for PC indoctrination.

  3. I think PC indoctrination at colleges works about as well as most of the ephemeral classes that people take at colleges and forget all about very swiftly. The rabid SJWs are a noisy minority. Their completely unacknowledged function is to give handy targets for their foes.

  4. Atheism, communism and socialism all denigrate the sovereign personhood of the sovereign person endowed by “their Creator”. (Declaration) Atheism, communism and socialism all deny the individual sovereign person his endowed, innate, unalienable human rights to foster the group, the community and the state without the consent of the governed. The consent of the governed is what makes government. Without the consent of the governed we have totalitarianism.

  5. There are certain fields of employment that require a college education. Accounting & Finance are two of them. Having said that, it is my hope that my boys become carpenters, electricians or do some sort of trade. Accounting stinks as a career without an MBA. Business schools used to be an oasis in the desert of college Leftist stupidity, but no more.

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