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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

CLAREMONT, CA—A nativity scene has been gaining much publicity in the media for its depiction of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph getting detained in cages at the border.

But media coverage quickly ended when it was revealed that the Holy Family was actually detained under the Obama administration.

One investigative journalist looked around the cages and found a stamp on one of them reading, “Manufactured in 2014 by order of President Barack Obama.” “Hey, guys, uh, we’ve got a problem — looks like this was Obama’s doing,” he said. “Aren’t we supposed to cover this up instead then?”

News vans immediately hightailed it from the scene, offering the local United Methodist Church no more news coverage after the revelation.

“Oh, this was under Obama? Move along, nothing to see here,” said one field reporter as he packed up his camera gear. “We thought this occurred under Trump, so we were going to make it a big news story we’d have pushed for weeks on end, trying to milk every last tear out of our gullible audience. But that Obama guy, we had a deal with him not to cover injustices occurring under his administration. So we’re moving onto the next thing Trump tweeted instead.”

Go here to read the rest.  The depiction of the Holy Family as illegal aliens would have bemused Octavian/Augustus, the first Emperor, in all but name, since the Roman Republic, as Augustus carefully still called the polity he ruled, controlled both Judea and Egypt, Judea indirectly through puppet king Herod, and Egypt directly since the defeat of Antony and Cleopatra.  Of course the Holy Family, consisting of non-citizens of Rome, would have been entirely beneath his notice as to their comings and goings, so long as they payed their assessed taxes and did not seek to raise a rebellion against Rome.  The past truly is a different country, and when it is enlisted in current political quarrels, it generally is enlisted falsely.

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