PopeWatch: Christless

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Sandro Magister takes a look at the political vision of Pope Francis.  This section sums it up:


The second event is scheduled for May 14 2020 at the Vatican, and will be open to “all public figures” who “are engaged at the worldwide level” in the field of education, to whatever religion they may belong.

It comes as no surprise that a pope like Jorge Mario Bergoglio who is part of the Society of Jesus – for centuries a major educator of the ruling classes – should have at heart the schooling and formation of the new generations. But what is striking is the complete absence from his educational project of any sort of Christian specificity.

In the video message with which Francis launched the initiative, there is not the slightest verbal trace of God, nor of Jesus, nor of the Church. The dominant formula is “new humanism,” with its accompaniment of “shared home,” universal solidarity,” “fraternity,” “convergence,” “welcome”…

And the religions? These too grouped together and neutralized in an indistinct “dialogue.” In order to “reclaim the terrain from discrimination” the pope refers to the document “on human brotherhood” which he signed on February 4 2019 with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, a document in which even the “pluralism and the diversity of religions” are seen as “willed by God in His wisdom, through which He created human beings.”

The new development of this initiative of Francis consists precisely in the fact that it is the first time a pope has made his own and taken the lead in a global educational pact that is so radically secularized.

But here, once again, Bergoglio is drawing upon his Argentine background. It was in Buenos Aires, in fact, that he founded a network of “escuelas de vecinos,” neighborhood schools, expanded little by little to other cities and nations, to the point of becoming today a network of half a million schools on five continents, called “Scholas Occurrentes,” schools for encounter, which in 2015 became a pious foundation of pontifical right with headquarters in Vatican City.

Of the “pious,” however, there is nothing to be found. In the numerous speeches Francis has given to the “Scholas,” the silence on the Christian God, on Jesus and on the Gospel is almost sepulchral. And the saints? Vanished as well. In the meetings of “Scholas Occurrentes,” complete with audiences with the pope, the guests are stars of entertainment and sports, from George Clooney to Richard Gere, from Lionel Messi to Diego Armando Maradona.

Go here to read the rest.  Trendy Leftism is being substituted for Catholicism.

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  1. It’s as if Christianity has been reduced to your favorite movie or your favorite sports team. You have Michigan, I have the Buckeyes, but it’s all the same. As long as everyone plays fair and are good sports, that’s what matters.

  2. I wonder if Liberation theology, which has converted thousands of Catholics into protestants, is what fuels our current Pope. Maybe in his mind he thinks this is good. Less vocations. Less Catholics.
    Less conversions. Being Catholic might be a stumbling block in his mind.(?)

    All I do know for certain is that God has the final word. He has our final breath as well. Our final heart beat.

    When the scene ends in this play there will be time for pondering what role we played. I hope and pray that I served my Lord, my God in charity and compassion.

    As for Francis……Hail Mary, full of grace…The Lord is with thee…

  3. Philip, I can’t speak for Pope Francis, but from what I’ve learned of LT from people who have studied LT more than I have, he seems to echo at least some LT views. I remember a professor of mine back in the day had been in S. America and come into contact with LA LT first hand. I remember a few of his observations, such as there was a definite ‘Adam and Eve may have sinned because of Satan, but Satan sinned because he was a Capitalist’ feel. Also he spoke of a tendency among those into LT to see the world’s problems as largely a result of the Western Democracies and America (imperialism, racism, colonialism, greed, etc.). Chances are, they will interpret the West in the worst way possible He also pointed out that there was a tendency they had to see problems and solutions as a matter of fixing economic and sociopolitical issues. Fix those things, and the problems will fix themselves. The Catholic Church’s embrace of these this was a boon for Conservative Evangelicals and Pentecostals, BTW, when people in S. America were looking more for religious solutions. After all, you don’t need a fishing rod when the lake is throwing the fish out of the water. I think of those things when I hear Pope Francis talk about a great many issues.

  4. Thanks Dave Griffey.

    I listened to an interview on EWTN while the Amazonian Synod was taking place.
    The resident from the Amazon region spoke of the great growth the Pentecostal church was experiencing due in large part to LT. The Catholics we’re starving for Christ even though they had the Eurchrist….and the percentage of peoples unable to receive the sacraments due to logistics, i.e. deep in the bush, was, according to the native, 8% at best. The Catholic Church has enough priests to feed our Amazonian brothers and sisters in 90% of the largely populated areas.
    He claims LT has swelled the Pentecostal church while emptying the Catholic Church.

    Smokescreen for the advancement of [ progressive Catholicism] anyone?

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