The I Words

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(Originally posted on November 28, 2018.)



With the conclusion of the Mississippi Senate Special Election yesterday, and the predictable victory of the Republican,  notwithstanding the attempts of the Left and much of the media to depict this as a winnable race for the Democrats, the new Senate will be 53-47 with the GOP in control.  The Democrats will control the House with around a 34 seat majority.  What do the parties do with the Chambers they control?  For the Republicans this is a simple question:  judges.  The Republicans have the power to reshape the composition of the Federal judiciary for decades to come and they are on track to do just that.  Fortunately for the Republicans, their conservative base cares quite a bit about judges.

And the Democrats?  Well that poses a bit of a problem for them.  With control of the House they can ram through any legislation they please, only to see it die swiftly in the Senate or slowly on  Trump’s veto pen.  If the Democrats wish to get legislation through, they will have to cooperate with the Republicans in the Senate and with Trump.  That would be the smart move, since although the American people have an appetite for divided government, they have little tolerance for do nothing government.  This was demonstrated in 2012, when the GOP lost 8 House seats, 2 Senate seats and Obama was reelected.

Will the Democrats take the wise path?  Of course not!  In their view they got the House by convincing their supporters that Trump is an orange combination of Hitler and Satan.  Even if they wished to, the frothing at the mouth wing of their party, which lives 24-7 on social media apparently, would rise in revolt.  Also, not to put too fine a point on it, more than a few of their new members are both stupid and/or crazy.  (That is your cue Congresswoman:)


Well, if legislation is out the window, what will the Democrats do?  They will turn to the first I word:  investigations.  They will investigate everything about Trump, including his shoe size, whether he has walked his dog without a pooper scooper and the deep mystery of Trump’s hair.  They will make the McCarthy era look quaint and restrained in comparison, and they will please their fan base to no end.  The media will report on this breathlessly, with help from Trump with a non-stop Twitter storm.  So what will be the result of all of this sound and fury?

That is the second I word, impeachment.  Saner heads among senior Democrats will resist this.  They will realize that they will never get the Senate to convict Trump after they impeach him, and that the process likely will only strengthen Trump, as Clinton’s impeachment only strengthened him and his party going into the 2000 election, where the GOP lost one House seat, four Senate  seats and almost managed to lose the presidential race to Al Gore.  However, the crazy as a dingo wing of their party will be pressing the Democrats for impeachment from day one.  Captain Ahab Special Counsel Mueller will probably wrap up his hunt for the Great White President next year, with a report which will damn Trump and the horse he rode into Washington on, and the pressure on the Democrat leadership in the House will prove absolutely irresistible.   A failed attempt to remove Trump will help underline Trump’s theme in 2020 that he is the valiant warrior against the Swamp.  The campaign commercials for Trump will write themselves, to the cheers of an enraged and motivated GOP base.

Hate is a powerful motivator in politics and hate can catapult a party to victory.  However hate is a poor base on which to build a successful tenure in control of a legislative chamber, as the Democrats are about to find out.  Pass the popcorn.

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