Brexit Wins, Again

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It looks like the Tories under Boris Johnson, part clown and part Churchill, are on their way to a smashing victory with an estimated 86 seat majority.  With this landslide, Brexit will finally be implemented.  Boris Johnson, a man who often joked that he had a below zero chance of ever being Prime Minister, now has his chance to take his nation in new directions.  May he use his power wisely.

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  1. Indeed, may he use his power wisely. Your description of him as part clown and part Churchill rings true. I find his personal behavior appalling but his political instincts correct. However, some things I read (realizing few things are trustworthy) hint at his main interest being gaining and maintaining power for himself. Ideologically he is agnostic and will flip around as the winds dictate to best suit himself. We’ll see. I sense that regardless of who is in charge politically, that we are seeing the twilight of a once great country. The politically correct atmosphere, lack of free speech, rampant secularism mixed in with large areas of unassimilated immigrants, doesn’t bode well for them. I’ve lived there and it is sad to see.

  2. Interesting that God has seen fit to give us two such rulers in the world, clearly showing how he humbles our Pharisaical elites by placing seeming clowns in charge.

  3. To an extent, although their differences are also major. Johnson is something of a scholar. Trump is not. Trump is first and foremost a businessman, something Johnson, who came up through journalism has never been. Johnson has been a politician most of his adult life, and Trump came to it very late. However, though they came to power by very different paths, they are quite similar in the opposition, and the support, they kindle. Since World War II, British and American politics have usually tracked each other oddly. Labor comes to power in 1945 and Truman keeps the White House for the Democrats in 1948. The Conservatives, under Churchill, come back to power in 1951 and Ike wins in 1952. JFK wins in 1960 and Labour wins in 1964 under Wilson. Nixon wins in 1969 and the Conservatives under Ted Heath are back in power in 1970. In 1976 Carter wins and Labour wins under Callahan. The Conservatives win in 1979 and Reagan wins in 1980. Clinton wins in 1992 and Labour wins under Blair in 1997. The Conservatives win in 2010 and Trump wins in 2016. The tracking is imperfect, most notably Blair being in power during the time Bush the Younger was in power but it is pretty close. (Come to think about it, Blair represented himself as New Labour, a kinder and gentler, more moderate variant of Labour, and both the Bushes strove to do the same thing with the Republican party.)

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