Deep State on Trial

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The testimony of Michael Horowitz, Inspector General of the Department of Justice, or rather his responses to questions, was devastating yesterday.  It depicted an Obama DOJ and an Obama FBI weaponized to bring down Donald Trump by any means necessary.  The culprits behind this must face criminal charges for this transparent attempt to use the FBI to overturn an election result.

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  1. Plenty of culprits throughout the Federal bureaucracy. The line from Taylor Caldwell’s novel on Cicero about “public servants” inevitably considering themselves masters of the public comes to mind.

  2. Obama spent 8 years at a minimum doing the “Will no-one rid me of this troublesome priest” shtick; there’s a lot of trouble, and the mainstream Dem pols aren’t helping.

    It’s been an issue that folks who satisfy their religious impulses with their politics feel alright in abusing those who don’t agree politically– we’re just able to see it a LOT better, now. Which is a good thing, it means they’re losing.

  3. Desperation Party….aka Democratic party. Our Lady of the Americas, Our Lady of Guadalupe, please intercede. Help American’s see the truth in this year ahead. That deceit and injustice to sway voters will result in the abandonment of the party of death and support the second term of our current President.

    God help the Republic.

  4. YES,OUR Lady of America and Our Lady of Guadalupe,we implore your help and protection over America.This nation is turning to you,O powerfull Mother obtain for us this grace from God, to defeat the evil law of abortion in this country and the world.

  5. Ever notice how, even violently if it’s required, the Demoncrats resist disclosure of the truth. Everything they do is ordered towards making sure the truth about them and their goals never comes to light. This disgusting episode in our nation’s history, along with the current trials of David Daleiden, perfectly illustrate this truth.

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