Madness, Shear Madness

From a medical student:

More than halfway through my program, despite passing every class and meeting every requirement, I fear dismissal, refusal of licensure, and professional retribution for simply asking science-based questions on transgender care. What, you may ask, is my view? It is . . .

  • That gender dysphoria in children is often a symptom of other psychiatric problems.
  • That children who suffer from gender dysphoria should be evaluated and treated by a trained psychiatrist or psychologist for other mental conditions before undergoing hormones or irreversible treatments.
  • That since long-term studies do not show a reduced suicide rate among persons who have undergone gender affirming procedures, they are unethical to perform in children.
  • That hormone therapies expose patients to increased risk of cancer, autoimmune, and cardiovascular disease, so should be delayed as long as possible. Younger patients are at greater risk because they are still developing and will undergo the treatment for a longer periods of time.
  • That giving testosterone to biological females, estrogen to biological males, or chemically delaying puberty may exacerbate underlying mental illness in their still-developing brains.

All of the above concerns deserve thoughtful discussion and research. Surfacing them in public could have grave consequences to my education and future career. So far, I have seen two professors dismissed for smaller violations.

Nearly every class involves transgender content. It may be being forced to share our “preferred pronoun,” interjecting a trans-gendered case study in our drug addictions case study, or being subjected to lectures that make breastfeeding a gender neutral activity. Instead of critical analysis, we are subjected to an endless string of indoctrination sessions. Here is a small sample:

  • Pubertal suppression for gender dysphoric children is to be initiated at the first signs of puberty.
  • Child protective services are to be called  if parents resist gender affirming treatments, presumably to reduce suicide risk in the child. (We are not presented with the longitudinal studies demonstrating this to be ineffective. Such studies are weak or nonexistent or fail demonstrate a benefit.)
  • Refer these children to a trans-competent counselor. It is inappropriate to see if they can be helped with less invasive means.
  • Eliminate “woman’s health” language from your vocabulary and your practice.
  • We are expressly told, “Do not to assume there are mental health concerns in trans individuals.” How can this be when there is a high rate of mental illness, victimization and suicidal behavior in this population?

No cautions about sexual exploitation or screening for sexual abuse are issued although both of these tragedies are correlated strongly with gender dysphoria. Instead, we are told to regard all consensual sexual activities in teenage patients as healthy and to encourage sexual experimentation. We are told that it is judgmental to encourage teens to limit sexual expression to long term relationships, love, or marriage. Sex is purely for pleasure. We are not to discuss reducing risky choices, but rather encourage teens to be “safer” in their exploration.

Go here to read the rest.  This quote from 1841 comes to mind as a description of our delusional times:

Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.
Charles MacKay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds



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  1. The devil rules, it appears–everywhere. The signs of his madness are everywhere–especially in the Church.

  2. smdh.

    The very selfish part of me wishes that I was 97 and heading out.
    I’m just so sick of the culture.

    Reality demands resistance at all cost.

  3. Philip, I know what you mean but if it were so and those of us tired of our cultures had their way, what would have happened all those times we needed saints but they were all selfish and left the world to it’s own devices? It is our time and our battle. Let’s do our best with what we’ve got and what we’ve got is Christ and a war already won.

  4. “Sooner or later, people harmed by this insanity will start suing.”

    I don’t know. Since the Sexual Revolution of the Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll generation, there have been over 35 million die of AIDS (a million in America alone) and it continues to claim about a million lives each year. We won’t even do the drugs part, nor does this count the plethora of other STDs that continue to spike. Let’s ignore the various emotional and social ailments that go with it. All in all, we seem pretty resilient when it comes to denying we ever could have been wrong.

  5. OC.
    In the fight.
    It is our time to recognize the abundance of opportunities for reversion, conversion and emerson in union with God.
    So many without God. Time to stay focused.
    Thank you for the reminder.

  6. I feel for that student, and while I no way to know for certain, he is most likely okay with contraception.
    The medical community has totally embraced drugs and devices to suppress a healthy, functioning reproductive system. And contraception has generated huge sums of money for said community, what with all the VD and, ironically, infertility treatments that are now so common.
    Most people, most especially the medical community, are also very accepting of government required vaccines. Although vaccines do at least protect from real diseases, is it really a win for society to usurp a parent’s judgement on their use?
    That the medical community is full steam ahead on treating gender dysphoria with drugs, hormones, and surgeries really should not surprise.

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