To a Mother of an Unborn Child

excerpted from recently published Life Prayers:



Special Mother

Look in the mirror and look around. Look at your famly, all your friends, and everyone. There is only one you, there is nobody else like you.  From the moment you were in your mother’s womb, your DNA had 3 billion DNA pairs with information about you. So much information that if you unraveled it, it would stretch from the earth to the moon. Why were you made this way, why are you so unique, so special,  why is there only one you, why?   Simply, because God loves you.  And for this same reason God has made your baby unique, one-of-a-kind, there never was before and never will be again another baby like yours, another baby like the baby you now carry within you. God has created this child for you and for Him. And He loves your baby as much as He loves you.

An all-powerful almighty all-loving God loved you into existence. He has loved your baby into existence. He created you  and your baby in His image and He made you and your baby the unique persons that you are.  Even if sometime you have another baby, that baby will not be like this baby. This baby is special.  But why was  there never before, is not now, and never will be another person like you or another baby like this baby of yours?  Because His love for you  and your baby is as unusual and unique as you are, and it is a love that is yours alone and your baby’s alone. Because of this divine love, you are the champion, you win the lottery, you win the gold medal,  you are in God’s Hall of Fame, you are the star of God’s video about you – and your baby is too.

God chose to love you into existence,  and to love your baby into existence, and now sustains you and keeps safe both you and your baby, not only for  this earthly life, but  for all eternity. How can you and your baby be happy with Him now and forever?

Look around and you will see others made by His love, family and friends and people you don’t even know, each person different, each unique.  You will live in God’s image when you realize that each other person is as special and as valuable to God as you  are, including your baby.  Just as He wants you with Him forever, He wants everyone else with Him and He loves this baby and wants this baby with Him; and you are His tool, His messenger,  His right arm, His words, and His Heart  for loving others so they come to Him. God believes you are so full-of-wonder that He has given this baby to you. Of all His creations, of all time, He chose you to care for this baby, to nurture this baby as only a mother can, to love this baby more than anyone else could love.

God gave you the gift of being able to freely love as He does; but God cannot now give your gift away; it is yours and only you can now do as He has done, only you can give the gift of you.  He will not force you to share what He has given you. Only you can freely choose and give this special gift of your self to others and to your baby.  Only you can give your gift of love and life to this baby. That is how you will truly be in His image. That is how you spend eternity with Him and with your baby.  You give the gift, you give yourself to your baby, and share your love with your baby and with all of God’s  other unique creations,  all the persons who are as different, unique,  and special as you are.  In giving your gift, this gift to the baby within you, you are like Him, you will be with Him always, and He will love you and your baby forever.

Life Prayers, by Guy McClung


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  1. Good morning Guy.

    With your permission, or whomever authored the piece, I’m going to make copies of this letter to share with our growing prayer warriors who surround Planned Parenthood. Providence will see to it that a baby will be spared by this effort. Your efforts and those of others like you are helping to wipe away the tears from Our Heavenly Fathers eyes.
    Tears shed at the loss of so many of HIS children.

    Keep up the extraordinary work Guy McClung.

    One day these seemingly small efforts will be revealed as the battering ram that broke down the gates of Planned Parenthood, forever freeing the minds and hearts of young pregnant women who’s fear of bringing forth new life will be conquered by the Trust that God will make a way. Our witness to that Trust, that Truth is priceless.

    God bless 40 days for Life.
    God bless the conversion of Abby Johnson.
    God bless you, the silent prayer warrior who wheater from the sidewalk or from the living room prays for the end of this scourge. Abortion.

  2. Good moring Phil! Thanks muchas you gracias for kind words.

    Yes you can print this out and hand it out. The thought of this helping some girl or woman is a fantastic thought.

    They are my words, excerpted from my prayer book Life Prayers [on Amazon, downloadable]. Easy to put whole booklet on cellphones.

    Re: “small efforts,” later I will publish some actual experiences about standing, kneeling, praying where folks thought that all they had done that day was witness multiple murders, unaware of the effect their simply being there had.

    God bless you, Phil. And . . .wait for it . . .another piece coming up soon re: demise of Roe.

    Guy, Texas

  3. 🙂

    I’ll wait…happily for the new work.
    In the meantime I’ll check out your Life Prayers at Amazon.

    Peace of Christ be yours brother.

    btw…..great prayer. Poetic. The truth is beautiful. Well done.

  4. “demise of Roe.” Roe never bore the burden of proof that the newly begotten human being did not have a rational soul and imposed atheism on the country by the government, a violation of our First Amendment.
    Roe disenfranchised every male of his seed and fatherhood.
    Roe imposed a destruction of our (constitutional) Posterity, all future generations.
    Roe is taxation without representation. The taxpayers are forced to pay for abortions that we did not get to vote on. Taxation iwthout representation is enslavement of the people: the American Gulagarchipelago.
    Roe had to follow the Court redefining atheism as a religion when atheism is an ideology. The atheist refuses to ask God for Faith. The faithful must pay taxes to suffer the consequences of atheism on our children, our families and our nation.
    Thank you, Guy, Texas

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