New Ebook: Mysteries–Quantum & Theological

I think I can safely say that nobody understands Quantum Mechanics.“—Richard Feynman, The Character of Physical Law, Chapter 6

Pardon the shameless self-promotion, but I want to promote my new ebook, “Mysteries: Quantum & Theological.”   It’s now available on  in print replica format (for reading on tablets and computers, animations available.)  and will shortly be available as an ebook proper (epub3 format) on Kobo, Scribd and other outlets.

In this book I’ve tried to show how quantum mechanics is strange, but still possibly relevant to our appreciation of theological mysteries.  This is not an unusual endeavor:  one of the conferences called by Pope St. John Paul II on Science and Divine Intervention was on quantum mechanics and another on quantum cosmology.

The book is divided into three chapters: Chapter 1 on a science background required to appreciate (if not understand) quantum mysteries and a history of the development of the theory; Chapter 2 on quantum strangeness (entanglement, the wave-particle duality, the double slit experiment, and the delayed choice experiment); Chapter 3 on possible intersections of quantum mechanics with theological issues.

The approach is non-mathematical and pictorial.  I wouldn’t call it “Quantum Mechanics for Dummies,” because lots of people (my wife for one) who are intelligent are turned off by math.  There are links to videos and web material for those who want to explore.   Some of the material has been published in one or another of my blogs, but there is much new material.  I’ve tried to tie all this together.

For those who don’t want to buy the book but would like a freebie, please indicate so in a comment.  I’ll email you a pdf file with animations.  Cost: review (favorable or unfavorable) on the site for the book.

I’ll end this screed with a quote from my favorite saint, St. Augustine of Hippo

“It is also necessary—may God grant it!—that in providing others with books to read I myself should make progress, and that in trying to answer their questions I myself should find what I am seeking.
Therefore at the command of God our Lord and with his help, I have undertaken not so much to discourse with authority on matters known to me as to know them better by discoursing devoutly of them.” St. Augustine of Hippo, The Trinity I,8.


The featured image is of Schrodinger’s Cat, the famous paradox of a cat both alive and dead until you observe it.


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  1. Dr. Bob, One of the excellent things about your book is that it makes clear that top-of-the-line scientists understand the limits of science. Also, I note, one can skip the somewhat involved explanations of the physics and still understand your philosophical and even theological discussions. Well done, and thanks. Guy, Texas

  2. I bought the Kindle version. It’s very difficult to read. You have to select one page at a time. Something wrong. So I’d like to get a .pdf version. I’m closely involved in a leading edge QC company, Cambridge Quantum Computing, so this has become an interest of mine. You quote Richard Feynstein, who is one of my heroes. Leonard Susskind is not far behind.

  3. Thank you very much, Fr. Fessio, for your purchase. I’m sorry that the Kindle edition is difficult to read. I have a Kindle reader on my Mac and also Calibre, and both those seem to work ok. At any rate, I have your email address and will mail you both the ebook and the pdf version (without covers). Feynman is also one of my scientific heroes. I audited his physics course for undergraduates in my senior year at Caltech, and it was a joy. A real contrast in style to another Nobel Prize winner for QM work, Schwinger, whose QM classes I took at Harvard.
    And again, thanks for your purchase. You may be in possession of a rare limited edition (only 11 sold so far).

  4. Hi, I tried to buy a copy on Amazon, but it wouldn’t let me send it to a regular Kindle (i.e. not a Kindle Fire). Does this mean that you don’t have it formatted for a regular Kindle?

    Regardless, it sounds really interesting!

  5. Hi Jenny. Thanks very much for your interest. Unfortunately “regular Kindle” requires flowing format, and since “Mysteries…” has lots of images and animations, that won’t work. It’s fixed, which means it has to go on a computer or tablet, what Amazon calls “print replica.” I”ll send you a pdf or ebook copy that you can read on your computer or a tablet if you have it.

  6. Thanks very much for your comment Dr.Ed, a pdf version will be on its way to you shortly. I’ve asked those receiving complimentary copies if they’d be kind enough to review the ebook on
    I’ll explore your review of “The End of Quantum Reality.” Unfortunately, that’s all we’ll be able to do–we’re out in the country and no movie houses within 40 miles or so.

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