Unborn Child Says: “My Body, My Self , My  Choice.”

The opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade was issued in 1973. That opinion includes the “when-life-begins” Trojan horse statement that the prodeath advocates of abortion have known and feared for over four decades now.  In creating the so-called “right” to abortion, the Court said this:

We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins. When those trained in the respective disciplines of medicine, philosophy, and theology are unable to arrive at any consensus, the judiciary, at this point in the development of man’s knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to the answer.

Thus the Court explicitly included in Roe the possible factual basis for its own undoing.  The Court implicitly said that if science progressed, after 1973,  and provided additional scientific evidence proving when life begins, those facts could be taken into account when the political decision regarding who we wish to consider as ‘legal persons’ is made by the people. Also, such scientific evidence could not be ignored if  the Court now or in the future reconsiders what the Court did in Roe.

Now science has progressed.

No one denies that science cannot and does not make ethical decisions. Science cannot and does not make our societal determination of who is and who is not a legal person.  In the past, totalitarian determinations that Jews, e.g. , were not legal persons, were not made by scientists. Today, Islamic jihadists’ determinations that Christians are not legal persons are not made by scientists.

The evidence is way past a scintilla, and approaching a veritable mountain of facts, that the unborn child is a human being and the unborn child exhibits human actions and responses which can be the basis for our decision to accord to the unborn child the status of legal person. One would think the matter would be settled and end there.

Satan never sleeps. It appears that the prodeath positions stated since Roe were not legitimate positions at all – and they knew it. These prodeath positions included, e.g., that there is no human being present within a pregnant woman, and there is no entity, no matter what it is within a woman, to which we should accord the status of ‘legal person.’ These were simply delaying actions. The prodeath people knew too well that the “when-life-begins” Trojan horse would stampede out of the legal legerdemain stable of Roe some day.

This was inevitable, that the undeniable human-being status of the unborn child would be scientifically established.  Inevitable because there is one truth and, if science sought the truth, the truth about the status of the unborn child as a human being would, eventually, become accepted fact. For decades, the prodeathchoice promoters of abortion knew that the ‘potential life’ language of Roe would undermine their demonic agenda.

Still, until only recently, in the face of the scientific evidence, the prodeath people chanted the ‘no human being, no legal person mantra’.  But their recent proclamations prove that they knew all along the lies they were telling and the charade they were acting out. Now they have come out of their dark death closet and are asserting both that abortion murders are to be publicly celebrated,  and that the court-created “right to abortion” includes the right of women to infanticide, to kill their children who have survived their attempted murders, children who are live U.S. citizens, outside their previously warm, now bloodied, wombs.

The prodeath position as now stated publicly is that, Yes, this is a human being; Yes, this is a U.S. citizen; Yes, this could be an anchor baby who legitimates multiple new democrat voters;  and, Yes, the attempted murderer of this child has the constitutional right to complete the murder since this human child was once within her and the right to kill it accrued to her then, a right she can exercise postpartum.  To be consistent, and they are with their death dealing dogmas, they also assert that this is, Yes, a legal person, but the murderer-to-be has the right to murder it – even though now a her or a him – based on a self-defense theory.

Truth is changing how people view the prodeath positions. Two primary truths have propelled and invigorated the prolife movement over the last two decades. First, the truth, the undeniable  truth, shown by ultrasound images of unborn children. With the inevitable new 3D and now 4D improvements of these imaging techniques, it will be clear to anyone who will look that this is not a mass of cells, inanimate. This is a human child.  No wonder the prodeath efforts, approaching manic, to prohibit women from seeing this truth.

The other truth is the truth publicly voiced by thousands of women who are the victims of PASS, post abortion stress syndrome. The prodeath people deny that PASS exists, but they cannot silence these brave women.  You will rarely encounter on this earth anyone more courageous and daring than a woman who stands in public and tells the world “I regret my abortion,” and “Silent no more.”

There is an ever-growing body of scientific evidence about communication with unborn children. When the proof that this communication is a two-way street is published, the ‘when-life-begins’ prophecy of Roe will come full circle and legally gut it. One unborn  child consciously tapping in response to her father’s tapping will drown out all the satanic howls of those who now “shout” their abortions. The human sounds of unborn human beings will be played back for everyone to hear.

It is no surprise that no major candidate for the presidency of the democrat Party Of Death has said they will not support a woman’s “right” to choose infanticide for her own recently-born child.  They are all in favor of murder up to the moment of birth. And they want all of us to pay for the murders.

The truth is going to be the basis for overturning Roe v. Wade. The truth will silence the death dealers.  Soft and cuddly, loud and clear, the voices of the voiceless unborn will be heard.



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  1. The left is about to witness the destruction of their golden calf. They won’t be quiet about it nor will they sit idly by pouting about it.
    It’s going to be a hell of a fight.

    The days are numbered for Roe.

    Thanks be to God when that day comes.

    It’s appalling to hear the fashionable Celebrities say; “Thank God we have abortion.” As if God has paved the way to kill his own children.
    Pathetic and filled with lust the destroyer blaspheme’s the God of Life.

    To fuel the hopelessness of these poor scared women those destroyers of Life take blood money from these pregnant women and preaches that this is the final solution. Then they try to rope the rest of the public into their corals by taxing us to fund their dirty deeds.

    NO MORE.

    God help the unborn and those who support them. See the success stories from Our Lady of Good Counsel homes.
    New Jersey. I’ll post the site. This is pro-life work in action.

  2. Why is it that the perception in some quarters is that it is evil or shameful to give up a baby for adoption or admit it to an orphanage or a home, but not evil or shameful to kill an unborn or living infant? Because Satan and the Media work hand in hand. Even the pope compares mothers of large families to rabbits which are rodents, and demeans the Blessed Mother who has promised to crush Satan with the heal of her foot.

  3. The immortal soul of the newly begotten must will to survive or become miscarriage. The act of the will to survive is proof of an immortal human soul and sovereign personhood as well as the divinity of one of God children.

  4. “Why is it that the perception in some quarters is that it is evil or shameful to give up a baby for adoption or admit it to an orphanage or a home”
    I’m not sure if that is how it is seen as you say ‘in some circles’. I believe, true to feminist form, that an abortion to them is a way of denying a man the fruit of his lust and by having an abortion a woman will not capitulate to a man by having his baby no matter what. Adoption and foster care is a sign of accepting that a man was more powerful then she was and now she will deny him the fruit of his seed: His baby.

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