PopeWatch: Guido

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The Vatican announced today a new position:  Papal Bouncer.  The first official Papal Bouncer will be Brother Guido Teppista, a member of the order of the Guardians of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.  No more will popes have bad press because someone commits the lese majeste of uninvited touching of the papal person and the Pope has to swat away the offending hand.  Now the Pope has only to blow a blast on his silver whistle, and all 250 pounds of the muscular Brother Guido will swing into action to remove the offender from the papal presence.  Pope Francis has promised to teach Brother Guido some of the bouncer moves that the Pope learned long ago in Argentina.  A Sister Brunhilda, also a member of the order of the Guardians of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, is reportedly in training to serve as a backup Papal Bouncer.  She already has a reputation of wielding the swiftest ruler in Germany.  The Pope is now safe from small Asian women.

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Thought For the Day


  1. The trend of celebrity Pope started by JP II should be abandoned. If the 83 year old Pontiff is so delicate that he can’t tolerate a little Asian woman tugging on his arm, then he should stop jetting across the world (spewing out all that nasty carbon pollution that he tells us not to spew out), walking up and down red carpets shaking hands to get the smell of the sheep that he later finds so odoriferous, and bending over to wash the feet of illegal Muslim immigrants and convicted murderous felons so he can look so pious, righteous and humble in front of the TV cameras.

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