Arkancide: It’s Not Just For Humans Anymore


News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


NEW YORK—In a tragic occurrence, the footage of Epstein’s suicide attempt was found hanging in its cell Friday in an apparent suicide.

The footage reportedly strung itself up with a strip of cloth, hanged itself from the ceiling, and then shot itself three times in the back of the cassette. Shocked security guards found the footage strung up, saying they would have kept an eye on it but were distracted by large bags of cash handed to them by a mysterious cloaked man.

“You hate to see this kind of thing, but sometimes, footage just doesn’t have the will to live any longer,” said Metropolitan Correctional Center Chief of Security Paul Bugs, after pulling up in his new Bentley. “That’s the way life goes.”


Go here to read the rest.  I don’t know Bee, that isn’t much more bizarre than the actual facts of Epstein’s Arkancide suicide.


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  1. Normally it’s homicide, as in Michael Moore’s work, much of the truth he doesn’t like because it doesn’t fit his worldview ends up on the floor…cut to shreds. Editor’s are the number one perpetrators who commit these heinous crimes. Producers are second.

    after Paul Erlich’s Population Bomb, this book blames religion , all religion for keeping women down. In the case of the Catholic religion, the woman must give informed consent to become a wife and the man must give informed consent to become a husband. Husbands and wives are offices to which sovereign persons must give consent in adulthood.
    Being created in the image and likeness of The Supreme Sovereign Being, the human being has sovereign personhood. Sovereign personhood for both man and woman is truth upheld by the Catholic Church, the Church’s Sacraments and the Catholic Bible.
    This film comes on after the Epstein issue.

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