Quote Suitable For Framing: Chantal Delsol

The reason why the youth prefer a traditional Church is because they feel a more genuine fervor, more distant from worldly attractions: The Catholic clergy has long been flirting with Marxism, in order to be fashionable, and today it is flirting with contemporary art, for example, once again to be fashionable. Young people who hope for the Church’s holiness, and not its worldly success, are very reluctant to embrace all of this.

Chantal Delsol

Go here to read the full fascinating interview with Chantal Delsol at National Catholic Register.

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  1. What is really the matter with International Law is that it is the imposition of atheism on a people who know that they are the Divine creation of The Supreme Sovereign Being.

  2. I agree 100% with Chantal Delsol her analysis of the Catholic Church and society at large. The answer to our present problems sees clear: “In the post-Christendom disarray, Christians need groupings around strong spiritual centers; in other words, monasteries”.

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