Donald John Trump, My Beloved Son

Dear Donald, 

If you look around and then look in a mirror, you will see that there is just one, only one of you. Never has been another person like you, never will be. You are the only one, the only Donald John Trump. 

There is a divine reason you are so unique.  I loved you so much that I not only made you, I made you the only one like you. This means that there is good to be done on this earth during your life that only you can do. Only you can do this “DJT” good. 

If you don’t do this special good, no one else can. No one else will. And this good is for all your family, for other persons, for your country, and for everyone, including each person I gift into your daily life every day. 

Such doing good by you “makes” a good, brings a good into existence which no one else can. Only you can do this good. Only you can make this Donald John Trump good. So do it. Make it every day of your life.  So you can be happy in heaven together with all your family, all your friends, with everybody, and with Me. 

Thank you for saving My babies. Each of them is of infinite value to Me, as are their mothers, their fathers, and their families.


Sincerely, with My infinite love, 

God your Father

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  1. The letter to Donald J. Trump from God, his Father may be written and read as it is to each and every sovereign individual person, especially the “thank you for saving My babies”.

  2. Mary-Yes! And note how it is this individual sovereignty that the left, totalitarians, democrat socialists, and other power people seek to stifle and destroy for those not granted membership in their elite corps. That is why they want it to be a hate crime to quote or publicize the Delaration’s words “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    This is the Declaration of each US citizen’s individual sovereignty which cannot be ignored, usurped, or denied by government. This is what the democrat socialists want to abolish. In return for our sovereignty, they will rule us. No one is starving behing the mansion walls of the elite in Cuba. No one in the elite is short of tampons or toilet paper in Venezuela. No member of the communist elite in Chain has undergone a forced abortion or been sent for reeducation. [ooops! 2+2=5 Spellchecker missed it – sorry – China].

    It is no wonder the democrats go into demonic rage when DJT does any of the good he does. Any such good, once done, is forever, a bell that cannot be unrung, a hymn that cannot be unsung.

    Guy, Texas

  3. Good letter Guy. God knows who’s on His side. The 2020 election will be for the soul of the United States. And the outcome is anything but sure. Let us pray for President Trump and for his 2020 victory. The stakes–our incipient slavery—couldn’t be higher.

  4. I and many people that I know prayed for Trump to be elected in 2016. I had never done that before. I have not stopped praying for him and in fact intensified my prayers seeing the forces that are constantly assaulting him from all sides. His work for the unborn alone makes all the insults against him seem so trivial. His strength has to come from God. Mere man could not survive what DJT has survived.

  5. Brothers and sisters, we are poor, banished children of Eve mourning and weeping in this vale of tears.

    I was late to come to support Donald J. Trump.

    Every day I thank God for Donald J. Trump warts and all.

    Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

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