Jesuitical 23: One Tweet Sums Up Modern Jesuits



Part 23 of my ongoing survey of the follies of many modern day Jesuits. Today we look at the above tweet by Father Thomas Reese, SJ.


The “study” he touts is a worthless one, with a high refusal rate, a $50.00 payment to entice women to take part in the “study”, a very low national participation rate and run by a woman who, judging from her comments, has an extreme pro-abort agenda.  In short it is a junk study for pro-abort ideologues to trumpet.

The responses that this tweet have gotten are classic.  Go here to read them.  His entire twitter feed, go here to read it, reads exactly, with a very few exceptions, as what one would expect from a left-wing Democrat hack.  The Order of Pope Francis would be completely unrecognizable by Saint Ignatius Loyola.  I guess Father Reese is still smarting from fifteen years ago when the Vatican pressured America, the Jesuit rag not the country, to accept his resignation as editor in chief because of his heterodox views.  Obama did like him however.  Go here to read about that.  The Jesuits, with a few honorable exceptions, have gone from attempting to save all souls to being Leftist shills.  They didn’t even get the bowl of stew that Esau got for selling their birthright.


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  1. At this point, it’s fair to ask why Mitch Pacwa and the few other good Jesuits don’t take some step to stand up this. You really are known by the company you keep.

  2. They were created to bring the world into the Church–now, it seems they more often bring the Church into the world…not to mention the flesh and the devil.

  3. And no consideration for the fathers who had to lose their children?

    I highly doubt any who claim a lack of regret. It is a wound to the heart and soul that cannot really heal, only grow calloused.

  4. There are true Society of Jesus members in good standing. Truly in the Spirit of Saint Ignatius Loyola. Every order has members who, like Judas Iscariot, have their own agendas, their own ideas what success looks like. Their own description of mercy.

    Unfortunately they sell out and join Judas. They allow themselves to be duped. They fail.

    Enter Fr. Reese.

    Prayers for him are being said today.
    For every Jesuit. From the seminarians in study to the one who occupies the Chair of St. Peter. That the Spirit of Ignatius wins out over the spirit of Iscariot.

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