Sounds Legit to Me

Hattip to Dale Price.

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  1. God is spelled with a capital “G” since God is three sovereign Persons in the Blessed Trinity. Sending harry your bank numbers and some people will, most likely will result in being swindled out of all of your money.
    When my neighbor’s phone number was used in a scam, he was told to send $600.00 to make them stop using his phone number. I do not do business with anyone who does not capitalize the name of God.

  2. “I am holding the Corgi hostage.”
    (I’d like to see Prince Harry try to hold my Corgi hostage. I should have named him Taz as in Tasmanian devil.)
    It would be like watching the movie “American Werewolf in London.”

    The wife, an American, is going to catch the the blame for Harry’s beguilement. The British media will twist themselves in circles because as you know anyone who doesn’t like her is “racist”.

  3. Yeah, sorry about blogging. Nothing new to say about the Church or the world. So I just stay in touch with friends and family in Zuckerville.

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